This TikTok Shows You How To Find Out If Scam Accounts Stalking You Are People You Know

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Every wanted to know who the fuck is stalking you on Instagram? Maybe you want to know if some of the rude comments and messages you’ve been getting come from someone you know? Well, thanks to TikTok, we now have a way to find out if one of your followers/friends is using another account to harass you.

TikTok user @therealtarnanlamb (Taryn Lamb) has showcased her foolproof method for finding out whether or not a scam account that’s been viewing your stories and stalking you is actually someone you know.

Honestly, I hate that this works and I’m scared to try it.

“Do you often have random ass fake accounts that dont follow you viewing your stories and stalking you on Instagram? Or even get rude ass DMs body shaming you, calling you ugly and a bitch?” asks Lamb in her TikTok video.

“I went on my FBI shit and was able to figure out who is doing this shit. If you wanna know how listen up.”

Lamb then demonstrates that by using the Instagram’s ‘forgot password’ feature, you can enter the name of the fake account, and find out the first and last digit of that users email as well as the last two digits of their phone number.

“From there, I went to my followers and used that first letter of their name to kind of figure out who out of these people who follow me would do something like this. Usually, it’s someone who knows you.

“I took a list of suspects and used their real account, and I did the same thing, put in their real account, hit forgot password, and then it’ll come up with the email and the last two digits of their phone number.

This is the part that makes me squirm, because most of the time you’ll find out some ex or best friend is the one stalking you.

“I found an email and phone number that matched perfectly with the fake account.

“If you’re thinking, ‘well how is this 100% accurate?’, well what are the odds of someone’s first letter and last number of their email and last two digits of their phone number matching perfectly. Those odds are so low.

“You’re welcome. Do this to find out who’s stalking you and who’s sending you rude messages.”


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Brb folks, I’m about to catch some of my followers right in the act.