Do you ever see a hack online and think, ‘That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen… but fuck me, I can’t wait to try it.’ Well that’s me with this TikTok vid that shows you how to figure out if someone’s stalking you on Instagram.

Well, not so much you, but the people you’ve tagged in your Instagram Stories.

Ya know how when you tag someone in an IG Story, your insights tell you how many people have smashed the tag to to perv on your friend? Well the insights tell you how many people but it doesn’t tell you which people.

But this TikTok vid, as shared by The Wash, has cracked the code to revealing who has been having a good ol’ stalk of the people you’ve tagged.

The video itself targets the user’s ex-boyfriends, as she’s captioned it: “So I decided to see who will click on my fake boyfriend’s name.”



Instagram experiment gone wrong???? #viral #fyp #instagramexperiment

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I hate how psychotic this is. I hate how genius this is. And I hate how I’m so bloody tempted to try it.

Why are we like this? Why? WHY?

Eh, human nature, what are ya gonna do?

While I’ve got ya, there’s a couple more Instagram hacks that I’ve spotted online lately that you might be into.

Remember when Instagram said BYE BITCH to likes and view counts? Welp, it looks like the visible like count is back with a vengeance.

If the thought of this terrifies you, head here for instructions on how to turn it off so no one can see your like count but you.

Oh and also, on the subject of hiding your shit from prying eyes, there’s a hack that stops people from going through your photos on your phone.

This super smart gal has figured out that you can lock individual apps. Why on earth would one need this feature? Let me give you a hypothetical scenario that I’m sure you’re familiar with (I know I am!).

You’re out with mates and you take a bunch of group pics. Then your mate asks to see the pics on your iPhone but you have to step away for a moment and you’re worried that the sneaky sis is gonna continue scrolling and look through the other photos in your photo album.

Well before handing your iPhone to her to view the pics you took together, you can set a timer so that after a certain amount of seconds, the app will lock and they’ll no longer be able to continue scrolling.

Game. Changer.

And it’s not just the photo app, you can literally lock any app. I’m assuming you’ll also wanna lock the text and Messenger apps for when your sneaky mate asks to read a message and you’re concerned that they’re gonna go nuts and read other messages.



iPhone hack to lock any app on your phone. #iphonehack #iphone #fyp

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You are most welcome, psychotic humans of Instagram.

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