Only In Sydney Would A Derelict House & Sludge-Filled Pool Be Expected To Sell For Over $4M


A sludge-filled pool in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield – with an equally derelict house attached to it – is going under the hammer with a price guide of just $4 million to $4.4 million.

Located in Strathfield’s so-called Golden Mile, it’s a case of ‘the worst house on the best street’, The Daily Telegraph reports. But it’s also a case of the Sydney property market being really fucking cooked.

The house itself comes with five bedrooms, a kitchen and a kitchenette, three toots, plenty of spare rooms and a mossy, unusable backyard tennis court that’s almost as large as the house itself.

The rustic living area even has its own fireplace! (Supplied)

It may be huge but – not to shit on Strathfield at all – it’s still very much the Inner West, and not even the bougiest part at that. I say that as someone who’s lived in the Inner West my whole life.

Let’s be honest, though. Nobody is forking out a cheeky $4 mill for a sludge-filled pool. It’s the land buyers are keen to snap up.

“If you were to keep the property you would need a huge renovation to bring it up to state,” Belle Property Strathfield director Norman So told The Daily Telegraph.

“I expect the buyer will as a result either build a new luxury house or subdivide the lot and build two high-end homes.”

The tennis court is ideal for hosting family friends like, uhhh, Serena Williams and Nick Kyrgios. (Supplied)

The story gets even wilder: the house was actually abandoned for the last 12 months or so, and it’s now being listed by the NSW Trustee and Guardian. Very cool and normal!

Judging by how the Sydney real estate market has been going recently, let’s see if this property meets the price guide at auction, or if it overshoots the reserve like plenty of other derelict homes have done.

Hopefully none of the prospective buyers get bitten by whatever bugs are nesting in that swamplike swimming pool on auction day. Or hopefully they do!