A Sydney Home That Looks Like A Bomb Made Of Trash Went Off Inside It Has Sold For $1.3M

Sydney real estate: Marrickville home which is full of trash goes for $1.3 million

A literally “uninhabitable” home which hasn’t been renovated since the fkn ’60s has sold in Sydney for $1.3 million, in case you had any dreams of owning a home that isn’t derelict or haunted.

The Marrickville home‘s starting price was already a whopping $800,000, but despite its completely dilapidated state, six bidders pushed its price up by $500,000. A whole six people fought over this actual dump full of trash and mould! This is the state of housing right now!

The house of horrors boasted rotting floorboards, broken ceilings, and a bathtub which looked like a crumbled stone grave a zombie might bust out of. Images of the home showed debris all over the place, layers upon layers of green grime on the floors, piles of trash in every room, and grime so thick I felt a need for a shower after looking at it.

The house was marketed as completely dead and one to be knocked down for rebuilding. You know it’s bad when even real estate agents couldn’t polish this turd. But they didn’t even need to because of how valuable land is right now, given the competition for housing.

“It had been in the family for 60 years,” Ray White chief Alex Pattaro said, per SMH.

“The house was never ever renovated. That was quoted by the vendors. It’s probably one of the last few dumps in Marrickville.”

But that despite that, the competition was fierce and some of the people vying to buy the plot were first home buyers. Imagine the state of things.

The home eventually sold to investors, which is unsurprising given how valuable its land is. I mean, think about all the apartments they could fit on that plot! The housing they could hoard and ransom! The people they could charge rent to and exploit!

The housing crisis is well and truly being felt, my friends. Dark times indeed.