A TikToker Shared Her Macca’s Shake Hack That’s So Obvious I’m Furious I Didn’t Think Of It

tiktok maccas shake hack

Sometimes the best hacks are the simplest ones, and this is the kind of trick that makes me feel utterly foolish for not thinking of it earlier. One TikToker has hacked the Macca’s menu and shared a trick that turns the humble milkshake into a truly elite bev.

UK TikToker @melika_zaidi shared her shake hack through a series of TikToks, which involves ordering a large Macca’s shake and a straight shot of espresso from the McCafé.

Yep, that’s it. Sounds too simple to be a true hack but apparently it goes off.

In the first TikTok, Melika hoons through her local drive thru and orders a large vanilla shake with an espresso shot on the side, pops the lid on the shake, pours the coffee in, and mixes it up.


We weren’t disappointed ✌🏻#mcdonalds #fyp #milkshake #satisfying #viralvideo #starbucks

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I’m furious at how easy this is, and how the hell I hadn’t thought of it earlier. It looks like a big sweet coffee thickshake, and I want to suck one back right now.

Sure, Macca’s might have a coffee shake, a coffee frappé, and an iced coffee on the menu already, but I put it to you that this is different. It’s all the delicious sweetness of a bog-standard Macca’s shake with the big rev energy of a shot of go go juice. Creamy, rounded, and peppy. Not icy like a frappé or thin like an iced coff.

Melika went back for a second run at the hack, this time opting for a chocolate shake to drop the coffee shot into, essentially making a mocha thickshake. I’m obsessed with the simplicity of this and yes I do just want to yeet out of work right now to go try it.


Reply to @amycrellin1998 this was AMAZING! #mcdonalds #milkshake #icedcoffee #starbucks #trendingvideo #satisfying

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Fucken hell yeah that’s the good shit right there.

I can’t imagine the coffee shot drop hack would go too well with the strawberry milkshake, but if someone wants to give that one a red hot go and report back to me – go for it.

Now it’s just a matter of rolling the dice on the ice cream and shake machine working at your local Macca’s.

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