Yr One-Way Ticket To Avoiding Frostbite In Yr Shit-Cold Sharehouse Is This Blanket Hoodie

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While Aussie homes are perfected for those balmy summer conditions, come winter we’re all fucked. And by fucked, I mean my uninsulated, brick-lined rental becomes a complete and utter icebox for three months, with my only option being to crank up the electric heater. Yeah, the one that costs the equivalent of 70 cents a minute.

Committed to changing my ways (and protecting my bank account from pure annihilation), I’ve decided it was time to think smarter. That’s why I caved into buying one of those wearable blankets — yep, the ones I swore I’d never wear. And truth be told, they actually slap, folks. Think a human burrito, both fresh off the press and toasted.

Before I got into the wearable blanket game, I thought it’d be an easy business, but as it turns out, not all of them are created equal. There is so much more to them than meets the eye. Now we’re talking about different levels of fluffiness, insulation, coverage and a bunch of other factors to consider. It’s something to be taken seriously, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Luckily for you, we’ve trialled a bunch to find you the best wearable blanket for an Aussie winter.

1. The Comfy

The comfy - best wearable blankets

The Comfy Original, $59.99 from Amazon

The lowdown: The Comfy comes to you via Shark Tank, where two brothers pitched the design and received backing for it. Thank goodness for us, because this $59.99 hooded, wearable blanket looks like a dream — a dream that’s available in eight colours.

The verdict: “It washes surprisingly well and will keep you insanely toasty, but the best aspect is you don’t have to wear pants and no one will know. I do overheat quite easily though, so some ventilation flaps would be great. Although not wearing pants helps. I loved it enough to write an entire story about it, though – you can read that here.” — Louie

Buy it here.

2. The Oodie

best wearable blankets - Oodie

Pink Oodie, on sale for $79

The lowdown: The Oodie wasn’t the first wearable blanket with a hood you could buy, but it has changed the game. It’s the very definition of cosy, using both ultra-soft flannel fleece and sherpa fleece to keep things soft and cosy. Are they worth the $109 (RRP) price tag? Keep reading for our coworker reviews.

The verdict: “This thing has become my housemate’s go-to item every single fkn day. We’ll watch movies in it, he’ll take meetings in it, and I’m outrageously jealous. I love sitting next to him on the couch because sometimes its softness will brush me and I get a taste of what true comfort really feels like.

“I just wish it was a bit more subtle so I could wear it outdoors like Ugg boots, and that it came in more fashion-friendly colours. Also, I’d love to see them switch to ethical materials and processes.” — Jack C

Buy it here.

German Shepherd Oodie, on sale for $79

The verdict: “I was an Oodie sceptic and begrudgingly tried on my boyfriend’s. It’s almost like a weighted blanket; it instantly calms me and makes me feel protected. I love that it has a hood, a pocket and sleeves that cinch in. It’s practical, provides ultimate comfort and is incredibly warm.

“I just hate that Oodies aren’t made ethically, that’s why I don’t think I’d purchase one for myself. Also, they’re a bloody nuisance to wash.” — Maggie

Buy it here.

best wearable blankets - Oodie

Navy Oodie, on sale for $84

The verdict: “It’s literally the comfiest thing ever. Instead of tucking into a blanket on the couch, I just curl myself up into a ball inside The Oodie. It’s the best thing to just fall asleep in.

“However, it only comes in ‘One Size Fits Most’ and as a short person I’m constantly having to pull up the sleeves, and the pockets are way too low on me. It would be great if they made more size options.” — Shantelle

Buy it here.

3. Cuddle Hoodie Blanket

Cuddle Hoodie Blanket from Catch, on sale for $33

The lowdown: Why choose one colour when you get one of the best wearable blankets that also happens to be reversible? Plushy and fleecy, the Cuddle Hoodie Blanket on Catch.com.au is also a serious bargain at only $33.

The verdict: “This is the real-life version of wearing a cloud. I cannot fault my wearable blanket, except that I wish there was a full-length version so I could stop wearing pants. It’s also easy to wash, reversible and has pockets.”— Emma

Buy it here.