Wearable Blankets Are The Unofficial Uniform Of Winter, So Here Are 18 Of ’Em

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While Aussie homes are perfect for those balmy summer conditions, come winter, we’re all fucked. And by fucked, I mean my uninsulated, brick-lined rental becomes a complete and utter icebox for three months, with our only option being to crank up the electric heater. Yeah, the one that costs a bloody dime to run.

Committed to changing our ways (and protecting our bank accounts from pure annihilation), we’ve decided it’s time to think smarter. That’s why we’re considering caving and buying one of those wearable blankets — yep, the ones we swore we’d never wear. But we all know they actually slap, folks. Think a human burrito, both fresh off the press and toasted.

Luckily for us, there’s a plethora of them to choose from, so we’ve rounded up 18 of them below. Race ya to the checkout!

The Oodie

While Oodie might not have been the first wearable blanket, it is the brand that’s gone absolutely bonkers on the Internet. Literally, every man and their dog either owns or wants to snuggle up in one— ourselves included.

The Comfy

The Comfy comes to you via Shark Tank, where two brothers pitched the design and received backing for it. Thank goodness for us because this $49.99 hooded, wearable blanket looks like a dream — a dream that’s available in over a dozen different colours and patterns.

Kuddle Hoodie Blanket (Puffee)

Why choose something plain when you can get a Kuddle Hoodie with a cute pattern on it?

Happey Blanket Hoodie

Happey hoodies are designed to be the comfiest piece of clothing you’ll ever own — and honestly, we can tell they might be just by lookin’ at ’em. Damn, they look plush!

Morgan & Finch Hooded Sherpa Blanket

Put us in one of these Morgan & Finch hooded blankets, and the only time we’re taking it off is to reluctantly wash it.

Cotton On Oversized Hoodies

Of course, the cosy folks at Cotton On would come to the hoodie party! They’ve got a range of sweet wearable blankets, from Mr. Men-themed ones to NBA and UNO.

Stay cosy, mates!

Image Credit: Oodie / Cotton On Instagram