Attention Procrastinators: The Deadlines For Posting Your Xmas Gifts Got Announced By AusPost

‘Tis not quite almost nearly the holiday season, a time of joy and festivity for all who observe. LOL JK we all know that the Chrissy period is the most stressful time of the year. And now it’s even more stressful that Santa’s lil’ helpers at Australia Post have given us a kick up the bum and told us to pull our shit together by their postal deadlines.

If you’re like me and gift giving is your love language, but procrastination is your native tongue, this setting of deadlines is incredibly helpful.

But also, next time just DM me AusPost? No need to make a big deal about it and drag me in front of the nation like this, damn.

What are the AusPost Christmas deadlines?

Outlined in their press release, AusPost clarified the last possible days for you to send your Secret Santa gifts via their service and have it arrive in time for December 25th.

Within AustraliaParcel Post: Monday 18 December
Express Post: Thursday 21 December
InternationalEconomy Air: 16-29 November (depending on destination)
International Standard: 23 November-7 December (depending on destination)
International Express: 30 November-13 December (depending on destination)
Australia Post’s Christmas deadlines. Source: Australia Post.

For packages being sent most places within Australia, make sure they are wrapped and posted by December 18. AusPost also noted that if you are sending to or from WA or the NT you should “allow a few extra days.”

What’s that? You missed that cut off because it took you a few extra days to get your weird cousin that “Get In The Van” shirt they wanted? Well you can still express ship it to them as long as you get it in the post by December 21.

For international gifts and cards it’s a little earlier.

If you’re sending via Economy Air, the last dates are between November 16-29, depending on the destination. International Standard says to get that bad boy posted between November 23 and December 7, meanwhile International Express requires all post to be sent before between November 30 and December 13.

These dates are impacted by the location, so for extra clarification AusPost laid it all out for us.

DestinationInternational Standard DeadlineInternational Express Deadline
New Zealand7 December 202313 December 2023
USA6 December 202313 December 2023
Canada4 December 202311 December 2023
UK5 December 202312 December 2023
Major European destinations1 December 20238 December 2023
China and most of Asia30 November 20237 December 2023
Australia Post’s International Christmas deadlines. Source: Australia Post.

“Of course, if items are sent after the recommended dates, they will still be delivered as quickly as possible, but they may not arrive until after Christmas,” clarified AusPost executive general manager, Gary Starr, securing his spot on Santa’s Nice List.

Any further details needed about when the absolute last minute is for you to burst into an AusPost office and mail out the world’s gifts in one night like the Christmas hero you are, can be found on Australia Post’s website here.

That’s the wrap on when to get everything wrapped for a successful silly season. And remember kids, any season can be a silly one if you’re an absolute gremlin.