6 Ppl On How Their Lives Were Changed & Minds Set Free By Their First Ever Pair Of Crocs


Crocs are cool now. Unless you’ve been living under a massive rock, you’ll be well aware of the cultural renaissance the divisive clogs have experienced.

Charli XCX said a few weeks ago that men who wear Crocs have BDE. The likes of Flex Mami, G Flip, Diplo, Post Malone and Justin Bieber have repped them hard, and Crocs even copped the Balenciaga collab treatment last year, too.

Now, the latest crew to join in on the fun is 7-Eleven. To celebrate 7-Eleven day a few weeks ago, the convenience kings teamed up with Crocs to collab on two truly stunning styles. One is a classic clog style, and the other is a classic sandal — there was also a bunch of jibittz you could cover your shoes with. Take a geez at them below:


The collab unsurprisingly sold out in minutes (I mean, look at how darn cute they are.) Now, your one shot at copping a pair is via a competition 7-Eleven is launching next week.

So, to revel in the spirit of Crocs (and hopefully manifest winning yourself a pair), we asked six Crocs lovers what it was like the first time they slid their naked feet into the famous rubber and how it changed their world forever.

“What’s not to love about them??? They’re comfy, airy, versatile, stylish (IMO anyway) and brilliantly iconic. Show me someone that doesn’t love switching between the option of an ankle strap or no ankle strap, and I’ll show you a L.I.A.R.” – Skylar


“G Flip actually gave me my first pair of Crocs. They sent me a pair from their collab, and I started wearing them after footy games because my footy club has a strange affinity with Crocs. Honestly, they’re like walking on clouds.

“I’ve taken them to weddings to get changed into after my feet get tired of heels, and it always gets a cheer when I crack the Crocs out on the dancefloor.” – Courtney

“Wearing Crocs for the first time was liberating, ugly yet comfy. My pair have wool/fake sheep wool insides, so it’s like walking on a cozy, rubbery cloud.” – Georgia

“My Crocs let me accessorise soooo effortlessly — especially because they’re a super hard-to-miss hot pink (which is conveniently my fave colour in the world). I’m aware they’re so ugly (especially when you take the trend lens off of it), but I think that’s the beauty of it. Fashion is supposed to be weird and wacky and something no one understands, which is why I love mine.” – Tiffany 


“I got them as a gift, and at first, it was a joke. But then I put them on; they were the comfiest things I’ve ever put on my feet. They’re my got-to-errand shoes because they’re so easy to chuck on and light. I LOVE them.” – Shantelle

“I used to wear them as a kid but lost touch when they became ‘uncool’ and bid farewell to my bright pink Crocs. However, when they came back in fashion, I was so excited! They’re so comfy to walk around the house or walk the dog in.

I also love the little jibbitz and the cute and customisable designs. They make for a great Christmas pressie!” – Karli

If you’re feeling inspired to finally take the plunge into Croc territory or expand your collection, be sure to keep an eye on 7-Eleven’s socials from next week to find out how you can nab yourself a pair.