Charli XCX Thinks Men Who Wear Crocs Have BDE & I Have To Politely Disagree

Charlie XCX says men who wear crocs have big dick energy BDE

Charli XCX, bless her soul, has gone and dropped one of the most profoundly untrue takes I’ve seen in a while: that men who actively wear Crocs have BDE, aka Big Dick Energy. Respectfully, queen, this is fake news and must be immediately corrected.

Charli tweeted the rank take early this morning, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

First, I must make my stance on Crocs clear: I do not like them.

I mean, it’s fine if you wear them. In fact, I would actively encourage them for wet, outdoor activities or as beach shoes for kids. Or even just as loungewear around your home or to the grocery store. But that’s all they are to me: a practicality. They will never be fashion, no matter how hard they try to be.

I know Balenciaga did a collab with them, but Balenciaga also introduced designer trash bags so clearly its taking the piss out of us and doesn’t actually give AF about what its doing.

What about all the other Croc collabs we’ve seen, you may ask? What about all those celebrities wearing them?

Crocs might have good PR, but I am not so easily fooled.

Now that I’ve made my stance clear, let’s dissect Charli XCX’s claim about Crocs representing BDE in men.

I assume she said this because of the nonchalant, ‘IDGAF’ attitude men wearing Crocs used represent. I mean, once upon a time I would have said you actively have to not care about your appearance to wear those hideous things unabashedly and with vigour, right? But this isn’t even the case anymore.

Crocs, despite my best efforts, have developed a reputation for being ~quirky~ and ~cool~. They no longer can be worn unintentionally or ironically. They are so trendy and in right now that actually, any man who wears them publicly is coming off as either purposely curating an “I’m not like other guys” image, or as being edgy and cool. Neither of these check the hot apathy box, and both of them are kinda cringe and do not exhibit BDE at all. Don’t @ me Croc lovers, you won’t change my mind.

Okay, but maybe Charli is referring to the commitment as being BDE, not the Croc? This I must immediately ignore because men commit to random items they obsess over all the time and its not special. Like, have you seen them with their sports and consoles and band tees and whatever else men are into??

After my hours of pondering over what could have driven Charli to utter such a strange claim, I saw that she actually hates crocs too, as pointed out by this tweet:

So now I must reconsider her argument all together. Is she admiring the ability of certain men who are able to commit to something despite it being ugly? Is this a commentary on men choosing to love things that don’t meet conventional standards of beauty?

It’s a mystery, and one I’ll never quite understand.