TikTok’s New ‘Boyfriend Inflation’ Theory Is The Perfect Way To Decide If You Should Dump Him

boyfriend inflation theory on tiktok

If you normally tune out every time you heard the word “inflation”, fear not. “Boyfriend inflation” is here and it’s giving us an entirely new context in which to utilise a word historically monopolised by toxic finance bros and helium balloon manufacturers. Thank you.

Earlier this week, creator TheRobbyShow (@thesephew) enlightened the masses by explaining the theory of boyfriend inflation.

“Boyfriend inflation is the concept where a guy’s value relative to his girlfriend goes down over time and then she must break up with him because she knows her worth,” Robby begins.

“At that point, she can upgrade to a guy of higher value to keep up with boyfriend inflation.”

Are we all writing this down? This is solid gold, people!

Aim higher, never settle, the grind for a better partner don’t stop. Maybe hustle culture was right all along?

“Sometimes this happens slow,” he continues, holding my attention like its no one’s business.

“Like if you’re dating a broke college guy and he can’t pay for dinner, you might understand. ‘Cos a lot of guys don’t have money in college.

“By his late 20s if he’s still asking you to pick up the tab every Saturday night, it might be time to cut him loose due to boyfriend inflation.”

It’s like that old saying — there are plenty more (cashed-up, high roller, tech entrepreneur) fish in the sea.

Robby ends the video by announcing he’s hoping to win a Nobel Prize for his philosophical efforts and I, for one, back him.

It’s a jungle out there, folks. Eat or be eaten. Dump or be dumped. Inflate or be inflated on.

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Enjoy! But even more importantly, learn.