The Internet Is Going To War Over This TikToker’s Theory On Boyfriends Having Girl Besties

a tiktoker has offered a theory on boyfriends having a girl best friend

A TikTok creator who goes by @yungsashimi (an incredible username, by the way) has dished out what we thought was a pretty innocuous take on dating and relationships. Turns out we were wrong. Very wrong. The internet has since begun a war of words in the comments section of the vid. So, let’s get stuck right in and see if we can make heads or tails of this take on BFs having a girl best friend.

Sashimi’s point essentially boils down to this: boyfriends who have a girl best friend are often better boyfriends because of it.


Guys who are friends w girls are superior idc #111

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“I need the man that I’m dating to have a girl best friend. And I’ll tell you why,” she begins.

“Obviously there are instances where the girl best friend likes him or he likes her or whatever.

“That just means they’re shitty people and they need to figure their shit out. That has nothing to do with male and female friendship.

“Cos if they’re truly just friends, she’s gonna be the reason why he sends you flowers.

“She’s gonna be the reason why he does the sweet things. So she’ll be like “hey idiot, do this for your girl”.

“And if he doesn’t have any female friends he better have sisters.”

Mic drop. End scene. Etc. Etc.

Okay, straight off the bat — everyone’s situation is subjective.

We’re not gonna sit here and argue that your boyfriend and his best friend will never ever never never ever start dating.

But, I will say that if this does occur, they’re either a) not the people you thought they were and you’re better off without them, or b) dogshit at communicating.

We’d contend that there’s only one glaring issue with Sashimi’s proposal.

That is, her contention that sole responsibility for a bloke’s healthy relationship behaviours should hinge on his girl bestie encouraging him to exhibit such behaviours.

We can give it a pass if he’s really inexperienced in relationships. But after this point, his grace period is over and it’s time for him to action that shit on his own.

These sentiments were echoed in the comments section which we love to see.

The next chapter of the internet’s response to this video, the meat and potatoes, if you will, is a flurry of people arguing that Sashimi’s theory is total BS.

Of course, everyone has had very different relationship histories. We get that.

However, all of these responses can be (at least partially) remedied with our earlier statement that the subjects who inspired these comments are either a) not the people you thought they were and you’re better off without them, or b) dogshit at communicating.

Finally, we do have some glimmers of hope.

Thank GOD.

To all the platonic girl best mates out there, keep doing your thing.

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