A TikToker Has Gone Viral After Putting Her BF On A Corporate-Style Performance Improvement Plan

a woman in the us put her boyfriend on a performance improvement plan

A woman in the US has given her relationship a corporate-inspired shake-up, putting her boyfriend on literal Performance Improvement Plan probation. Firstly, the sheer theory of that is fucking hilarious. Secondly, I simply must know how it functions in practice.

30-year-old Nadeen Hui took to TikTok to explain her method that seems so batshit, it just might work.


we started living together really early on in our relationship so we saw all of each others living habits and lifestyles super quickly. and i honestly think it worked out better this way because we could decide if we actually wanted to work on these lifestyle habits together or split up. since it was so new, there wouldn’t be much love lost and we’d still be friends. but ultimately, we decided that we wanna stay together, and these lifestyle changes were for the better so why not do it? i had to learn to be more accepting and easy going, and he had to learn to be more tidy and considerate of shared spaces. #relationshipadvice #softwareengineerlife #lifeintech #girlsintech

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“I’m gonna share with you guys how I PIP’d my boyfriend in real life,” she began.

“For those of you not in tech, PIP stands for Performance Improvement Plan. It’s what you get put on before they fire you.”

Nadeen woke up that morning and chose violence. I’m so here for it.

In the video, she discussed how she and her boyfriend were having “a lot” of issues in the beginning and felt like they “weren’t compatible”.

TBH this should’ve been an immediate red flag but I guess if she didn’t persist, we wouldn’t have this juicy AF story to write about.

“As a last straw, we decided to do like a performance improvement plan,” she continued.

“And before you come at me, I know it’s kind of hard to some of you.

“But he’s an engineer and sometimes it’s really hard to communicate with him without using something that he can already relate to… plus he kinda liked it.”

OMG this relationship is a literal OCEAN of red flags.

Who authorised this??? Why didn’t her friends stage an intervention earlier???

She then went on to describe the day-to-day operations.

“So we had a shared note with daily and weekly tasks that he needed to do and a set of things that he needed to work on. And it worked out really well.”

“We also do weekly retrospectives where we check in with each other at the end of each week to see how we’re doing.”

Okay, THAT sounds a little healthier but also deffo just another case of celebrating the bare minimum.

At the end of the day, we must all aim higher, queens.