Tag Your BF ‘Cos Dr Karl Has Revealed How Often You Should *Actually* Be Washing Your Sheets

Dr Karl answers the question: how often should you wash your sheets?

To everyone losing the debate with their BF about how often you should wash your sheets, Dr Karl‘s answer will either vindicate you or make you feel even more filthy than you already do. Good luck!

Sorry to tell you all this, but even the cleanest of freaks probably aren’t washing their sheets enough.

“Every day you generate from your skin about one-and-a-half grams of dead skin cells which both attract and are enough food for a million dust mites,” Dr Karl said in a TikTok video, effectively ruining my sleep forever.

“On top of that, your skin exudes oils and sweat and then, on the other hand while you’re lying in bed, you might have a little f-a-r-t.”

He also revealed sleeping naked can actually leave faecal matter on your sheets too (brb, vomiting). So, with your nasty excretions in mind, how often should you wash your sheets?

“If you’re in a very sweaty environment and you sweat during the day, and then you come home all sweaty, and then you don’t shower before you go to bed and you don’t wear pyjamas, [then change them] twice a week,” Dr Karl recommended.

This also goes for people who let pets sleep in their bed: change your sheets every three to four days, please.


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As a virgo I am vindicated because I really do change my sheets once or twice a week (I know, it’s my biggest flex), but to everyone who doesn’t, don’t freak out (yet).

In winter, if you never sweat and always sleep in full coverage pyjamas, you can get away with washing your sheets less.

“At the other extreme — cold environment, you don’t sweat, [you] wear pyjamas and have a shower before you go to bed — maybe every couple of weeks. The average is every two weeks,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, the average for how often men clean their sheets is certainly not every two weeks.

Citing a UK study, Dr Karl revealed “men who are in relationships wash their sheets once a month and men who are not in relationships wash [them] once every six weeks, which might explain why they’re not in a relationship.”

Aaaaaaand I’m never sleeping in a bed that isn’t mine again.