An Italian Woman Has Hilariously Listed All The Things Aussies Do That Would Send Ppl Into Comas

An Italian woman who’s visiting Australia has shared a hilarious list of things that we apparently do that would obliterate the minds of the people of her home country. Not gonna lie, the second thing on her list would probably end a child from the Victorian-era.

Lately, I’ve observed that a lot of people love to make content about what Aussies do differently. I remember the story about the British TikToker who went gangbusters on the social platform for calling out all the grottty things we do at the grocery store — like going barefoot and eating grapes.

The most recent person to notice our ~eccentric~ ways is TikToker Sacconji (@bysacconji_), who went viral for her video “Australian Things That Would Send An Italian Into A Coma”.

The first thing the TikToker listed was that Aussies “wake up so early”. She began by explaining that when she walks home from her job, which ends at 5am, she sees people running in groups.

“I saw plenty of people walking with their dogs. Running,” Sacconji explains.

“And not old people running. Just like young people in their 20s and not by themselves. They just run in groups.

“So that means you have to organise these things you know.

“No. Do It in the evening like normal people.”

The TikToker then moved onto durries and how everyone just vapes here. She started off by explaining how expensive they are and how the price of ciggies turned her into a vaper.

“So people, when they come here they just start vaping, like what happened to me,” she said.

She then holds up a dark blue vape (assuming it’s one of those berry ice flavours … not that I know or anything) and says how much she loves it. Honestly — I reckon vapes would definitely send a caveman and a Victorian-era child into a coma.

“At it will be a really, really sweet coma.” she joked.

(Image source: TikTok / @bysacconji_)

She then brings up something that has been mentioned countless times before. Aussies love to raw dog the floor — whether it be public places or their home — with their bare feet.

“Everyone really enjoy to go out without their shoes,” the TikToker shares.

“You don’t know why. I don’t know why. They just do that.”

“You want to go to do some grocery? You’re gonna find a lot of people without their shows. On the bus? People without their shoes.

“It’s just normal for them.”

Thankfully, Sacconji ended her collection of Aussie observations on a high note, mentioning that every person she’s come across has been “nice and polite”.

“Even in the morning. Night time. People that are working everyone just ask to you ‘Hey how are you,’” she said.

“Okay, they don’t care about the answer, but they are really, really nice.

“We are not used to that … in Italy, no one [asks] you, ‘How are you.’”

That being said, she obviously has never been to Sydney or to any of the cities that have been noted in the “Australia’s Rudest City” list. At the end of the video, she quickly finished the list with “food”, but that honestly it needs no explanation. Especially if you’re comparing Italian food and Australian food — no hate to the good ol’ Aussie pub feed.

Since posting the video, people have shared their two cents on the TikToker’s list.

Many folks have laughed at her second last point, saying that Melburnians and Sydneysiders are the rudest.

“Come to Melbourne we aren’t friendly here. No one asks u how r u here too. They push through and alwyss [sic] in hurry,” one person wrote.

“If you come to Sydney we all wear shoes and we don’t care about how your [sic] feeling,” a second added.

A bunch of people also commented on her stance that Aussies are morning people.

“Start early.. Take in all the sun hours.. Eat when [the] sun goes down! Rest and repeat!” one TikToker wrote.

“I feel like Aus is a nation of morning people. I’m a night person & I feel like everything is working against me. I just want dinner & coffee at 9pm,” another wrote.

Honestly, I love content like this because it’s so interesting to see what people think about the country we live in, as well as our community.

However, I’ll always be on the side that criticises Aussies for going out barefoot. It’s something I’ve never understood!

Sorry not sorry if you do that. Unless you’re Sam Kerr — then it’s cool, and I’m going to start going barefoot everywhere.