An American Went Viral On TikTok For Slamming Australian Cafés And Aussies Fully Agree With Him

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An American TikToker has gone viral for slamming Australia’s café culture and the worst part is he actually has a point. I’d rather not sit here and admit that an American was correct about Australia, but here we are!

TikToker Gabe (@gabepietrafesa) went viral after a recent video of him in Perth piqued the interest of a whole bunch of Aussies. In the video, he desperately searches for a coffee at 2pm, but every café nearby was either closed or had already turned the coffee machines off.

“Coffee machine was down? What is this? McDonald’s in America with the ice cream machine?,” he joked in the video.

“I’m starting to wonder if Perth hates me.”

Eventually Gabe managed to find a coffee, but the journey was far more stressful than it should have been just to get a bit of caffeine in the system.

Aussies immediately jumped into the comments to agree that Perth (and other Aussie cities) closing down cafés at 2pm was a pretty unfortunate fact that we’ve all grown accustomed to. And no, we’re not happy about it either!

gabepietrafesa coffee perth tiktok australia
I’m looking disrespectfully!!

“Classic Perth, every café closes at 2pm,” wrote one commenter.

“Perth closing times will never fail to shock the outside world,” wrote another.

“Trying to get a coffee after 2 in Australia is like trying to find gold at the end of the rainbow,” wrote a third.

Not going to lie, I feel like that problem is just as bad in Sydney. Open up the gates! Let us into your cafés! Uncaffeinated binches, we ride at dawn. We WILL find a coffee somewhere out there.

Gabe also made a TikTok from Sydney, which was a lot less coffee-focused, but was still interesting, in a strange sort of American-voyeur kind of way.

It’s always fun to see people not from Sydney walk around Darling Harbour and Newtown like a tourist.

The most interesting part of the video is that apparently Sydney’s Newtown has a very hot ice cream man working at Messina. Hot Messina guy PLEASE reveal yourself in my DMs.

Hopefully this TikTok somehow encourages cafés across the country to stop closing at 2pm. We need more late-night cafés to appear now that everything else is closing down.