An Aussie TikToker Deleted Her Account After Copping Shit From Americans On This Viral Vid

american flag

An Australian TikToker has commented on how many Americans flags are in the United States and the outcome of that ain’t pretty.

TikTok user and Aussie expat Mia Chloe (@meanderwithmia) posted a video to the platform saying “there are too many American flags” as she walked along a suburban street.

“They’re on houses, they’re on cars. Saw them on couch cushions,” Mia says in the video, which is now deleted but still circling the internet.

“Like I don’t know who’s making these American flags but they’d be making a bloody fortune.”

She goes onto say that the only time she’s seen the Australian flag is on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is not only a big call but also a likely-untrue one. Guessing she does not watch… The Olympics.

The gymnastics is not to be missed but moving on.

“I know it’s, like, blue and it’s got some stars on it,” she clarified of her Australian flag knowledge, before noting that she could probably draw or “make a bloody sculpture” of the American one in comparison.

“That’s how many bloody times I’ve seen it,” she said.

Mia has deactivated her account amid the backlash, causing other users to clarify that they’re not her

Mia has now deleted the TikTok video and deactivated her account, but not before it racked up enough views to piss people off — including Texan governor Greg Abbott.

“Go back to Australia,” he wrote — adding several American flags just to add insult to injury.

The video was pulled from Mia’s TikTok and reused on @wilderpatriot’s Twitter account — that video alone has been viewed more than three million times.

People aren’t happy about her comments.

“My grandfather didn’t fight in WW2 for some Australian twit to say she doesn’t like all the flags. Shut the hell up,” the same user who posted the video wrote.

“Not much to love about her country I guess. #SADDD,” wrote another.

But not everyone disagreed with Mia.

“Shes [sic] kind of right though why do we just put the flag on everything it’s a little weird.”

Eeek. Hope the Texan governor doesn’t come for them next.