An Aussie TikToker Revealed Americans Use Their *Feet* To Flush Toilets & Are You Shitting Me?

An Aussie TikToker has revealed something so hauntingly jarring, so mindbogglingly wild that I almost can’t believe it. Apparently Americans use their feet to flush public toilets.

I can only imagine the rates of pulled groin muscles.

TikToker CJ Horton posted a video detailing this earth-shattering info. In the video, she explained that she’s lived in the US for two years but this revelation “rocked [her] world”.

She was out a dinner with a group of her friends when one said, “I just hurt my ankle flushing the toilet”.

You hurt your what??? Flushing the what??? Is this not why we evolved to have hands???

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“I laughed and I was like ‘how on earth did you do that?’” Horton continued.

“She said she flushed the toilet with her foot and that she always does that in public restrooms”.

I am absolutely baffled. America, explain!

Horton was also baffled. She said she stopped the whole group’s conversation to bring up this wild piece of information. But none of them were phased.

“They looked dead serious and were just like ‘I do that. We all do that’” Horton said.

“Then they were like ‘What have you been doing? Using your hands?’”

Yes, in fact, we have. CJ Horton said she realised this must be a US thing because she didn’t know any Australians who use their feet for flushing.

“Almost every American I know said they do this and one person from Europe said they use their feet as well,” she explained. In the comments she thankfully clarified that even though they use their feet to flush, her friends still wash their hands.

There were some divisions between the Americans in Horton’s comment section. A couple of Americans said they used their hands because they were going to wash them anyway.

But other Americans argued certain toilet flushes were actually designed for feet. An intriguing feat (or should i say feet) of engineering there.

“I only do it when it’s one of those industrial public toilets with the metal handle sticking out the side. It’s easier to use your foot,” one commentator said. TBF, the visuals of this do genuinely make sense.

One particular comment did absolutely throw me for a loop.

“I mean, I feel like public toilets were designed to be flushed with foot. It’s a very large handle. In the home is different, but in public the foot,” wrote another user.

So you’re telling me whoever designed the American toilet decided to go absolutely rogue and design foot-centric flushers?

A different US user pointed out loads of public toilets don’t have lids, so they want to avoid touching handles.

This whole series of revelations has blown my mind. It never even occurred to me people would use anything other than their hand (or elbow) to flush the toilet.

According to a 2013 study, 64 per cent of Americans used their feet to flush toilets.

Maybe this is a sign all toilets should be designed with a bottom flush and a top flush to satisfy everyone’s needs without making people unnecessarily stretch.

At least I know I won’t publicly embarrass myself if I visit America and need the bathroom.