A Deleted Scene From The Princess Diaries Has Gone Viral & I’m Now Obsessed With M&M Pizzas

Is there a manager for Disney? Because there’s a deleted scene from The Princess Diaries that’s going viral on TikTok, and I need to know who, what, when, where and why they decided to take it out!!! You’ve truly ROBBED us normies of a satisfying viewing experience and ya must pay up.

One of the most iconic movies of the 2000s was definitely The Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews and Mandy Moore.

The movie is inspired by Meg Cabot‘s book of the same name which follows Mia Thermopolis and how she handles the sudden change in her life when she discovers that she’s a real-life princess.

It’s romantic, it’s funny and the costumes and soundtrack are bloody terrific.

On Friday, Disney Studios shared a deleted scene from the 2000s classic where Mia and Michael Moscovitz (played by Robert Schwartzman) grab a slice of pizza on TikTok.

The video has since gone viral, garnering more than 1.3 million views.

In the scene, Michael shared that he “always thought that M&M’s would go great on cheese pizza” but no one would make it for him.

“In my perfect universe there would be M&M pizzas,” Michael said.

“Is that weird?”

In response, Mia revealed that she eats pizza backwards so she’s “not really the best judge” in determining if her bestie-turned-love-interest is a weirdo.

The pair then shared a deep and meaningful moment when Michael asked Mia if the other kids at school think he’s weird.

“I think that some of the rich kids, not to name names, but Lana, Anna and Fontana, might think it’s a little odd that you’re a mechanic,” Mia responded.

“I don’t think you’re weird.”

The pair then share a short, lovely stare before Mia says she needs to leave. As they both got up from the table, Mia briefly placed her hand on top of his hand before she scooted away on her massive AF Scooter.

(Image source: TikTok / @disneystudios)

Why is this deleted scene from The Princess Diaries a big deal?

The reason why, the scene “adds a whole new layer” to The Princess Diaries is because Mia up apologised to Michael with a cheese pizza topped with M&M’s that spell out “sorry” towards the end of the movie.

Just like in his perfect universe!!!

And for punters who need to know why she said sorry — and please if you haven’t watched the movie, please go and then come back — it was because she blew Michael off for a scrub (like TLC’s “No Scrubs”) who used her for her newfound status.

The deleted scene truly adds that extra meaning to the random chocolate and cheese pizza combination and it also establishes that Mia and Michael did have a connection beyond their awkward conversations and glances in the final cut.

Look, the deleted scene has probably been floating around the internet for yonks or it might’ve been a special feature on a DVD from the 2000s. However, this seems to be the first time that a lot of viewers have seen it — myself included.

Since Disney has shared the scene, fans of the movie have flocked to the comments sharing that they’d wished the filmmakers kept the scene in the final edit of the movie.

“You could’ve saved our 23 years of wonder why he immediately forgave her after she sent that M&M pizza!!” one user wrote.

“HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THIS OUT OF MY FAV MOVIE???!!?!” another person added.

“WE WERE DEPRIVED!!!!!!” wrote a third.

One TikToker, who posts under the user @Genelissa, claimed that the scene was edited out because the sweet pizza moment took place before Mia ditched Michael for the scrub.

(Image source: TikTok / Disney Studios)

Regardless of the reason — whether it be to save Mia’s character or time restraints — I am so pissed that this information has been withheld from us for yonks.

Disney, if you’re reading this, you must give us a third Princess Diaries instalment that includes the return of Michael!!! That’s when I’ll forgive you for leaving out this scene!