Anne Hathaway Has Seen The Script For ‘Princess Diaries 3’ And Loves It

Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries 3

While nothing is confirmed as yet, we are several very significant steps closer to The Princess Diaries 3, with Anne Hathaway confirming that there is indeed a script for a third film in the series, and that she and several other key players are quite keen to make it happen.

The actress revealed the news during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live. A viewer called in with a question about the rumoured script, and she responded in the most perfectly insouciant Anne Hathaway-ish manner possible, saying:

“There is a script for the third movie. I want to do it. Julie [Andrews] wants to do it. Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it. We all really want it to happen, it’s just we don’t want to unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it. It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.”

Julie Andrews played Hathaway’s grandmother, the queen of Genovia, in the first two films, and getting her back would be a pretty bloody big deal, considering she rarely does movies these days, outside of recent voice work in Aquaman and Despicable Me 3.

You can watch the relevant portion of the interview below: