Princess Diaries 3 Is Actually Happening, 14 Years After The First One

Friends, Genovians, Countryman… cast your minds back to 2001, when The Princess Diaries hit our screens and our hearts, grossing $165 million worldwide. Anne Hathaway is so unknown we don’t know what her real hair looks like (making ~the big reveal~ all the more dramatic), and Sandra Oh is wasted in a two-bit role as the fawning vice principal.

The early noughties. The times, they were dark.

A full fourteen years after that film (and the 2004 follow up of questionable quality, Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement), Disney is officially moving forward with Princess Diaries 3.

Nobody knows yet if now-Oscar winner and sometimes-weirdly-hated Hathaway will return, or if living legend and your imaginary granny Julie Andrews will, either. Sources say the film “may or may not include Hathaway”, so that clears things right up.

Rumours of a third movie – and presumably of how Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldi and whatsisname handsome dude are managing to run a country – have been circulating L.A. for years. Apparently it was Hathaway’s refusal to get on board that left the script firmly on the writer’s desk.

Debra Chase, who produced both movies, is returning to produce the third.

Disney is keeping tight lipped over plot details. Even if Hathaway were to return, we have zero idea if Chris Pine, who played her loverboy in the second movie, would join her. I mean, the scriptwriters callously wrote out movie one love interest Michael Moscovitz with one shitty line of dialogue, for god’s sake. No character is safe. 

That hallowed mark of a movie in development – an IMDb page – is yet to be seen.

Like, whatever. The films that taught you how to wave like a royal and use the internet to check if Genovia was a real country (it isn’t) are returning.

Just remember: however cool you think you are, you’ll never be royal-banging, bohemian artist living in a San Francisco fire station cool. In today’s world, Mia’s mum would have approx. 600,000 Instagram followers and a ~lifestyle~ book on the way.

Now let’s just all take a minute to relieve the makeover scene over and over.

via Tracking Board