Ranking The Best Girls’ Night In Movie Scenes By How Much Tea Would Have Been Spilled

Girls’ nights in are a rite of passage. So much so, that they’ve been immortalised in our fave movies over the decades. And, just because you’re no longer a teen doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a girls’ night every once in a while.

Swap the lollies jars for a pink pinot grigio from Cupio and the cartoon pyjamas for a chic matching set and you have a glowed up girls’ night. But let’s be real, we’re always going to watch the same movies, right?

One of the highlights of any girls’ night is the gossip that comes from it. Of course, it doesn’t need to be nasty but having a debrief for hours with your besties is one of life’s simplest joys. To celebrate the hallowed girls’ night in, we’ve ranked pop culture’s best, based on how much FOMO we feel over the gossip that’d be spilt.

Mean Girls 

Mean Girls is the Queen Bee of sleepover movies. While the plastics don’t get into their jim jams and share snacks, the scene where they’re complaining about their arms and pores is giving Big Sleepover Energy. I’m putting Mean Girls as my number one because can you IMAGINE the tea that would be spilt?

Whenever Regina George would walk out to ask her mum for more mocktails, Cady, Gretchen and Karen would be divulging secrets asap, giving me total ammo to eventually become Queen Bee. Who said sleepovers were unproductive?


One of the most iconic sleepover scenes of all time has to be ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ performed by teenage rebel, Rizzo. The gossip is literally in the song but, before she shimmies down the drain pipe to the boys’ car, I’d love to learn more about the rest of the schoolyard. Plus, Marty Maraschino and her photo album of army boys sounds like it’d be a laugh to hear about.

Sign me up, girls.

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

I know what you’re thinking, rogue choice after a bloody Grease reference but I had to include one movie from the 2020s. They really don’t make rom-coms the same way anymore, do they? Anyway, in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, a group of 20-somethings get stuck in a mansion during a hurricane and a party game goes very wrong.

Murder isn’t my idea of a great girls’ night in but to be in a room with this cast, my God. Pete Davidson? Amandla Stenberg? Iconic. Plus, I just really want to be friends with Rachel Sennnot. The goss (and the wine) would be flowing.

Princess Diaries 2 

Ask anyone aged 20 to 30 what sleepover they’ve always wanted to attend and it has to be The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Julie Andrews mattress-surfing? A talent competition featuring Raven-Symoné? In a freaking castle? Get me there now.

The only reason it’s so far down my ranking is that everyone is so wholesome, gossiping would probably be banned. The only tea we’d receive would be Princess Mia’s love life and everyone would be all like, ‘Girl, if you don’t date Chris Pine right this minute.’

13 Going On 30

Comfort movie number two has to 13 Going On 30. The sleepover scene is burnt into my brain as the girly pops dance and jump on the bed to ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ by Pat Benatar. It looks cute but aside from Jenna Rink, all the other girls are literal 13 year-olds and sorry but I don’t care why Becky had a fight with her bestie.

A sleepover with Jenna and Lucy (pre-fight, of course) is much more age-appropriate. They’d be spilling the goss on all of New York’s media scene as we drink pink wine and look out at the view from a Manhattan apartment. Get me there, now.