Following The Absolute Mayhem Of Beckham, Posh Spice Is Rumoured To Be Doing Her Own Spicy Doco

Victoria Beckham is rumoured to be starring in her own documentary following the success of her husband’s Netflix flick BECKHAM. Consider me sat for this movie once the claims are proven legit.

Lately, the Beckham family have been the talk of the town — the town being the tabloids — after Netflix dropped BECKHAM. A doco that follows the life of football icon David Beckham and all the obstacles he faced during his career. Naturally, most viewers gravitated towards the juicy details of the doco rather than his career playing the beautiful game.

Most recently, one of David’s alleged mistresses, Rebecca Loos, spoke out in an interview about the documentary and shared her two cents on the alleged affair, which was a minor topic in the movie. So, that tea is definitely making its rounds in the media, catapulting folks back to the 2000s when David’s cheating scandal first unravelled.

Following the success of BECKHAM, rumours have begun to swirl, claiming that Posh Spice will be getting her own cheeky flick.

According to The Sun, the rumoured documentary would “explore her journey from 1990s pop star with the Spice Girls to becoming a global fashion tycoon all while raising four children at the helm of one of Britain’s most famous families”.

Hmm… I was thinking more of The Osbournes chaotic vibes, but I guess this could be cute.

(Image source: Getty Images / Samir Hussein)

An inside source spilled all the deets to the publication, claiming that the fashionista has been in cahoots with TV executives “since summer”.

“This will be a documentary exploring ­Victoria’s meteoric rise in the fashion world; how she’s built a fashion and beauty empire from scratch,” the insider said.

“The focus will very much be on the business brand, but will detail how she had to overcome the naysayers post-Spice Girls and defied the cynics.

“At times her journey wasn’t easy, and there will be a blood, sweat and tears look behind the scenes at the sheer graft she has put into reinventing herself.

“Off the back of David’s success, and how well she came across, people will also see, in depth, her wit and sarcasm.”

Netflix nor Victoria have yet to confirm or deny these claims, but for the fashion girlies who love the Victoria Beckham brand, this is definitely for you.

BECKHAM is streaming now on Netflix.

Image source: Getty Images / Samir Hussein