Bachie Alum Niranga Has Spilled Some More Hot Tea About The Frazer/Elly Drama & It’s A Lot

Just like Jamie Doran spilled the tea about what really went down in the Bachelorette mansion, ex-Bach contestant and (weirdly) Jamie’s roommate Niranga Amarasinghe has come forward to spill all the hot goss about Frazer Neate and Elly Miles.

In case you missed it, my two favourite reality-show gossips Megan Pustetto (host of the So Dramatic! podcast) and Jamie Doran did an extremely juicy interview after the Bachie star’s media ban was FINALLY lifted by Channel 10.

Speaking on the podcast, Jamie spoke about how since June 2019 he had a 10 media rep with him for all his post-Bach interviews. In part two of the interview, he also touched on the toxicity of some of the Bachie boys and said that: “Angie put up with a lot of crap on our season, more crap than anyone should have to deal with on reality TV and that was partly due to me, partly due to Ciarran and partly due to Timm.”

Well, now fellow Bach in Paradise contestant and R-O-O-M-A-T-E Niranga (sorry, I’m just obsessed that they live together) has spoken on the same podcast, and put in his two cents about the Frazer/Elly drama.

Niranga revealed that he had spoken to three different girls who claimed they had allegedly slept with Frazer since filming ended. Now whether that is true is unknown, but Niranga seemed pretty sure that these girls were not fame-hungry and had genuinely met up with Frazer.

“I keep hearing stuff daily and weekly about what Frazer has been getting up to,” he said.

“There’s at least three girls that have hooked up with him after filming had stopped.”

But Niranga doesn’t think that Frazer is cheating. In fact, he is in support of an earlier theory that stipulates Frazer and Elly have an arrangement and aren’t still together.

“My assumption is that they are not together anymore and they are just doing it for the media,” he said.

Niranga met one of the girls out and claimed he had literally seen the evidence.

“I’ve seen text messages, I’ve seen pictures of them hanging out,” he said.

Niranga also confirmed the rumours that Timm coached Frazer on how to make the final two. 

“I reckon Timm definitely gave Frazer some tips on how to get to the end,” he said.

Even more interestingly, Niranga claimed that Timm wasn’t actually that interested in Angie, and would constantly talk about his ex-girlfriend in the house.

“He wanted to get out, he didn’t want to win. He was very open about that. That was how he told Frazer to get to the end and not win,” Niranga said.

“You know Angie is so different to Timm, you know? Timm’s a different character to Angie. Angie sort of fell for him, and Timm went along for the ride.”

The pair also discussed how over the years the runner-ups don’t show as much emotion, and Niranga reckons it’s because they don’t really want to win.

“Looking back at the previous seasons, the runner-up was crying and was actually really upset,” Niranga told Megan.

Well there you have it. The tea is served.

Listen to the full podcast here.