Gird your loins, friends, ‘cos the So Dramatic! podcast just dropped part two of their batshit interview with Jamie Doran and it’s one helluva spicy ride.

In case you’re not up to date, head here to suss out all the tea from the first episode.

Now, let’s dive into the new one…

Jamie claims Jess Glasgow was unfairly portrayed

Remember Bachelorette 2019 contestant Jess Glasgow? That guy from Noosa who made a bunch of creepy comments towards Angie Kent and female crew members before promptly being yeeted off the show? Well Jamie, his new best mate, reckons he was unfairly portrayed.

“In the famous episode where Angie is the farmer’s wife, I’m the farmer, and Jess is the horse’s ass and he made the ‘wandering fingers’ comment and lost his job over it, they were coming in and saying things like, ‘The whole idea of this shoot is to get your wild side out, so get a bit crazy, get a bit kinky, be stupid,'” Jamie says.

“And yeah Jess said that comment, but they’ve hung him for that and Jess is a really good friend of mine.”

He added, “I don’t know if it was ‘kinky’, but it was naughty or something like that.”

“He lost his job, his family haven’t taken it well, and he’s still in a dark place over it,” he concluded, insisting that he isn’t the “villain” everyone thinks he is, adding that he was “encouraged to behave that way by the producers.”

He’s a big Angie Kent stan

Despite also being booted from Angie’s season, he’s still a huge fan of the gal.

“Angie is a feminist and she stands up for women’s rights, which she should. I cannot speak highly enough of her.”

He’s off the bois for talking shit about Angie

Jamie Doran went on to say that while he loves the lads from his season of Bachelorette, some of the comments they’ve made about Angie recently have irked him.

He refused to name and shame, but I’m betting dollars for donuts that he’s referring to Timm Hanly who has dragged the Gogglebox star on several occasions.

“I felt that was really rude,” he said. “Angie put up with a lot of crap on our season, more crap than anyone should have to deal with on reality TV and that was partly due to me, partly due to Ciarran and partly due to Timm.

“That poor girl put up with so much crap and she handled it so well and with so much dignity. I couldn’t have had a better Bachelorette, and none of the boys have come out and supported her.”


He wanted to be a Bachie villain

Although he ended up getting the “stage five clinger” edit, he was initially hoping for the “villain” edit, but sadly, it did not land… at least not the way he wanted it to.

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and be careful what you wish for because I was half saying it as a joke,” he said. “Then it happened and I was not so thrilled about it. I do believe I regretted.”

“I don’t believe I played it up, but I listened to the producers too much and I lost my organic flow because the producers were in my ear too much. And there were guys on the show who were warning me.”

Jamie was hoping for a redemption storyline on Bachelor In Paradise

He says that he was not “shown accurately” on Bachelor In Paradise.

“Those cameras never stop rolling so they can just do whatever they want,” he said. “And yeah, I slipped up at times, but there are a lot of amazing things that happened that no one will ever know about but they never showed them. All people saw was the awkward Jamie or the drunk Jamie.”

He applied for his blue tick six times before being approved

“I got it on my sixth go, but after The Bachelorette,” he said. “I was applying every 10 days, but by the last time, it only took me six hours.”

Have a listen to the full thing here.