The Latest Bachie Insider To Spill Some Wild BTS Tea Is, Ah, A Sydney BridgeClimb Employee

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we bloody love tea. Any tea. We sip it, skull it, spill it, etc etc.

And it doesn’t matter where the tea comes from, good tea is good tea. But TBH, our tea is usually sourced from scorned ex Bachelor contestants and sneaky production sources. But this spot of Bachelorette tea has been spilled by a very unusual spy.

The other day, The Bachelorette filmed a date on Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. The show has been criticised for its budget, dodgy as hell dates (like the other night when Becky and her bloke literally sat backstage on a box – not cute), but I must admit, the BridgeClimb date is an Australian classic.


After the sky high rendezvous, some behind-the-scenes tea was spilled by *checks notes* a staff member at BridgeClimb’s partner who revealed what the date was really like.

“My husband works for BridgeClimb and said Becky and what’s-his-name were very lovey dovey the whole time, even when the cameras weren’t rolling,” they wrote on Facebook, as spotted by The Wash.

“What’s-his-name” is, of course, referring to Pete Mann, who went on a date with Becky on Bachelorette the other night.

“He also said there wasn’t any music up on the bridge so they were dancing to nothing with the girl lip-syncing to nothing,” she added with a laughing emoji.

Well that’s… awkward.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for BridgeClimb Sydney has denied this version of events in a statement to us.

Starley did singalong to a speaker on the Bridge – she even sung three songs, one being ‘Call on Me’– one of Becky’s favourites,” the statement read.

“I can confirm as I was on the bridge alongside the speaker, Starley and the lovebirds.”

Awkwardness aside, it’s nice to know that there’s some legit, real feelings there between Becky and her boi, especially after last night’s Bachelorette shitshow. Basically Pascal Wallace got yeeted out of the mansion for being a slut-shaming, misogynistic ass. You can read all about that here, but brace your fkn selves. (It was a huge power move for the girls, tho!)

The Bachelorette returns next Wednesday on Channel 10 and 10play online. Or, you can catch up on last night’s recap here.