Influencer Quits Insta After Getting Dragged For Wearing American Flag Bikini On Jan 26

Jessica Sanders / influencer
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

An Aussie influencer has nuked her main Instagram account after she was roasted for apparently not knowing the difference between the American and Australian flag.

Influencer Jessica Sanders chose to celebrate January 26 poolside with friends, sharing a slew of photos from the day on her Instagram.

She captioned the post, “Australia Day” with a love heart and Australian flag emoji. But, as some of Sanders’ 200,000 followers pointed out, she was wearing an American flag bikini, not an Australian one.

The bikini’s distinct stars and stripes were quite the giveaway for her followers.

Of course, Sanders’ pictures were snapped up by Celeb Spellcheck, the Instagram account that calls out Aussie celebs and influencers.

People were not kind, to say the least.

Jessica Sanders / Influencer

Instagram / @celeb_spellcheck

According to the Daily Mail, Sanders spent a chunk of time in her comment section, denying that she confused the two flags.

She told one Instagram user: “I’m not stupid, of course I do [know the difference]. Do you write on everyone’s pic who isn’t wearing the Aussie flag on Australia Day? Or just to be a bitch. Go away.”

It proved to be too much for Sanders though, because she has seemingly deleted her main Instagram account.

Before she nixed the account, Sanders apparently blocked a bunch of her followers and posted a rant on her Instagram story.

In the rant, Sanders explained that she purchased the American flag bikini on purpose, and wore it on January 26 because she saw nothing wrong with doing that.

“Well that was fun LOL. Had a good blocking sesh,” she wrote on Instagram, according to a screenshot obtained by the Daily Mail.

“And this is the whole reason I made a private Instagram so fake people like this who claim that we should all support each other are either writing negative comments or liking them. (I am not stupid).

“I bought an American bikini on purpose and wore it on Australia Day, what is wrong with that when I see everyone else wearing whatever they want on Australia Day but because I am wearing an American bikini this gives people the right to say negative things about me and claim I am stupid. Ok, rant over.”

Sanders’ second account is still active, but has been set to private.