Cartia Mallan Got Busted FaceTuning Her Pics & Fans Wanna Know WTF She Was Trying To Edit

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Popular Aussie influencer Cartia Mallan is the latest ‘grammer who’s been busted by Celeb Spellcheck over dodgy photo editing.

Mallan, who has a cool 538k followers on Instagram, shared a series of pics to mark her move to London.

“This is my official ‘I live here now’ post,” she captioned a carousel of piccies that showed her frolicking on a set of steps.

Her initial post appeared to have been poorly edited as the steps were all janky. It legit looked as if you’d taken a hit of acid before scrolling through Insta.

She swiftly deleted the pics and reuploaded them with the steps back the way they were, but not before Celeb Spellcheck spotted the blunder and shared it to her followers:

Don’t ya hate it when you’re walking down a set of steps and suddenly a sinkhole appears? (Credit: Celeb Spellcheck / Instagram)

“Cocked up the apples and pears,” Celeb Spellcheck captioned the sassy post.

In an extremely rare move for an influencer, Mallan actually commented on the post and low-key took the piss out of herself.

“Tbf been a fan of the page for a while now,” she began. “I’m weirdly honoured to have made my first appearance xo.”

But Celeb Spellcheck’s followers weren’t letting her get away without explaining why the actual fuck she was trying to FaceTune the steps.

“Can you please help us solve the mystery of what was being warped? And why? Thanks,” one of Celeb Spellcheck’s followers asked.

“AHAHAHA I genuinely wish I could explain,” she responded. “I truthfully wasn’t editing my body or anything I think I’ve just bumped the key and swiped up. My eyes didn’t even pick up on it hence why I’ve uploaded it. I am laughing at how fkn stupid it is that I didn’t see it.”

“Taken like a champ,” one fan commented.

Now can we all stop FaceTuning our pics pls? Au naturale is best, I say!

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