Australia’s Rudest Cities Have Been Revealed & How The Actual Fuck Is Sydney Not On There

rudest city australia

A new survey has been released revealing Australia’s rudest cities and I am absolutely shocked by the results.

Why? Because Sydney doesn’t take the crown. In fact, Sydney isn’t even in the Top 10.

As someone who lived in Sydney for the last decade (until the rental crisis had other plans for me), I can confirm that it’s full of assholes because I also am one.

I always thought this was why it was so hard to get your bits wet in Sydney — because rejection hurts all the more when it’s delivered rudely.

But no, apparently Australia’s rudest city is Bundaberg, followed by Rockhampton and Brisbane — all in QLD.

Here’s the full Top 10:

10. Cairns, QLD
9. Canberra, ACT
8. Melbourne, VIC
7. Geelong, VIC
6. Coffs Harbour, NSW
5. Toowoomba, QLD
4. Adelaide, SA
3. Brisbane, QLD
2. Rockhampton
1. Bundaberg

To land on these findings, company Preply surveyed 1,503 residents of the 22 largest metro areas and asked them which Australian cities they’d be most likely to encounter an act of rudeness in.

So who was the least rude? Sunshine Coast (QLD) is apparently the nicest with a 4.58 rudeness score, followed by Hobart (TAS) with 4.71 and Melton (VIC) with 4.77.

I’m glad QLD got the least rude prize alongside the gold, silver and bronze for most rude. It’s all very confusing really.

The survey also asked respondents about rude behaviours in Australia, and it seems we’re most likely to encounter people being annoying in public spaces (such as being engrossed in your phone) and problematic driving.

Again, how did Sydney not take the prize on this list?

Before you ask: yes, Sydney was included in this survey. In fact, they were ranked the 7th city believed to have ruder locals than visitors.

Anyway, stop being rude. No one likes an asshole, no matter what city you’re in (including Sydney).

You can see the rest of the rankings here.

Image Source: Andrew Merry / Getty Images.