It’s not secret that Americans need to shut the fuck up a good 95% of the time. So when this American TikToker obnoxiously slammed Australia’s record of lockdowns for being – get this – too effective, it was touching to see Aussies uniting to roast him in the comments.

The TikToker’s point seemed to be that our snap lockdowns are too harsh and thorough. And, sure, ask anyone in Melbourne at the moment how things are going and they’ll probably say “not great”. But outside of these lockdowns, things in Australia are good and lightyears ahead of pretty much anywhere in the US.

“Ok don’t get me wrong, I respect how Australia has managed COVID crazy well,” the TikToker in question says, before going on to completely disrespect us for “still doing” lockdowns. Obviously, we had not choice but to collectively drag him.

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He then implied that because our lockdowns have been so effective… they’re somehow too much of a burden to keep doing.

“It’s so specific, it’s like, if you were at a Target between 3:30 and 5:30 on this day, you may have been exposed to COVID and you need to quarantine for 14 days,” the TikToker added.

Good! If I were potentially exposed to COVID-19, I’d like to know so I can get tested and isolate, so as not to spread it around my community. This is a good thing, we told him en masse.

Get him, girls!

Plenty of people also reminded him that maybe, as an American, he should focus on the pandemic in his own backyard first.

Most of us know where we’d rather be, hey.

Drag. His. Ass.

“I respect how Australia has avoided a lot of illness and death, but COVID probably isn’t going away, so I’m genuinely just curious whether they’re going to do this for the next five-to-ten years?” he concluded.

Look at the rest of the world. Cities everywhere are going into hard lockdowns and people are still dying. While our vaccination rollout is a total mess, you can’t fault Australia for the effectiveness of its early lockdowns, even if they are a total drag.

Silence, American.

To answer the TikToker’s rhetorical question: The idea is that we’ll all be vaccinated within the next year or so. Duh.

You can talk all you want about lockdowns preventing people from living like normal, but in Australia, the lockdowns mean we do live like normal… most of the time.

Image: TikTok / @uptin