Aussie TikToker Goes Viral After A Cockatoo Shitstorm Took Over Her Hamilton Island Hotel Room

An Aussie’s viral TikTok is a brutal reminder to a) always listen to hotel rules and b) never fuck with Mother Nature ‘cos she is scary.

TikToker Ellie-May (@elliemay16x) unfortunately seemed to miss one of the golden rules of Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island. Do not leave the doors open ‘cos cockatoos will literally fuck your shit up.

In her TikTok, which has now racked up more than 1.8 million views, Ellie-May showed her bird-shit-coated hotel room. It’s so bad I can literally smell that gritty bird smell through the screen. It’s a literal SHITSTORM.

“They told us ‘don’t leave your doors open ‘cos the birds are gonna come in and shit on everything,’ and guess what we did,” she said.

“Our beds and everything we own is fucked.”

Ellie-May also revealed she was missing a pair of bikini bottoms and claimed a bird might’ve stolen them.

“I’m gonna find them somewhere in Hamilton Island,” she added.

TBH, I have so much empathy for these girlies because I didn’t know that cockatoos can do that much damage!!! Like, that’s gotta be a whole flock. Not just one or two. At the same time, why would you leave your hotel doors open in general?

Call me paranoid or whatever, but I would never, ever leave anything open. Even if I were heading down to the lobby for some ice, I’d be shutting up shop immediately.

Unfortunately for this TikToker, the comments have been quite brutal, with many of the users blaming the girlies for the recklessness.

“I feel bad for the person that has to clean it. I hope you not only get charged but leave a HUGE tip,” one user wrote.

“The hotel legit have signs up and it’s comes up on your tv to close the doors. I stayed there last year,” a second added.

One user claimed they used to work at this hotel, saying it was “frustrating” cleaning up after the bird poo.

Image source: TikTok / @ellimay16x

In a second video, Ellie-May took full responsibility for leaving the doors open. She also spilled more deets on the cockatoo’s escapades in her room.

“Spent over $20 dollars just to get our washing done,” she said.

“And then there’s gonna be the fee because basically here, they have a mini-bar in your room and you get charged on your card that’s associated with it. And [the birds] took the party mix, the Pringles, all that shit.”

Ellie-May then went on to thank the staff of Reef View Hotel for helping her and her friend with cleaning the room.

“I actually appreciate the staff so much because it is our fault we left the door open,” she said.

“We’re stupid enough to do that.”

She also shared the wildlife warning the hotel sends out every day about the doors and cockatoos. At the end of the TikTok, she also revealed where her bikini bottoms went, and yep, she’s never getting them back.

Image source: TikTok / @elliemay16x

In her third and final video, Ellie-May showed a time lapsed video of her and her friend cleaning up their shit-covered hotel room.

But unfortunately, her caption triggered Americans after she wrote: “For everyone jumping to conclusions (mostly Americans)”.

Image source: TikTok / @elliemay16x
Image source: TikTok / @elliemay16x

Honestly, I think Ellie-May and her friend were fantastic at taking accountability for their actions. Especially ‘cos they were getting roasted in the comments for ignoring the hotel’s rules.

As much as I’d like to think I’m a sick kient from Western Sydney, I am most definitely a goodie goodie who sticks to the rules. So every time I go on a hot girl vacay, I spend endless hours of my life looking at every single policy, tip, trick, hack, guide, do’s and not to-do’s of my destination.

Thankfully Ellie-May and her bestie were able to enjoy their vacay. But remember girlies, always stick to the rules.