A TikToker Shared The Fked Lines At Perisher & This Is Why I Don’t Leave My House

A viral TikTok that documented the fucked lines at Perisher has truly reminded me of why I never leave the house when the school holidays roll around.

Now before people come for me in the comment section with the “don’t like it, then don’t wait”, hear me out. I’ve done some pretty serious lines (hehe, but seriously).

From that damn Flying Dinosaur ride in Osaka, which was a three-hour wait, to the Lounge of Doom AKA Taylor Swift‘s Ticketek waiting lounge — I would say I’m pretty darn good at waiting. But if you added the snow and an ice-cold breeze into the mix, then I am tapping out.

Aussie TikToker Paul Truong (@truongiex) recently went viral after he posted his experience waiting in line to access the snowy slopes of Perisher Valley.

“Think again if you wanna go to the snow,” Truong wrote in the caption of the video, which now has more than 127.1k views.

Truong claimed that he waited for two and a half hours just to enter the parking lot. To leave? Another two hours.

Although Truong only documented the heavy traffic, it also seems like the lines to use the chairlifts were also cursed.

Aurora Braid (@auroraotm) posted a video of a ‘yuge crowd waiting to use the lifts earlier this week. Look, at least they’re huddling up like cute little penguins, attempting to stay warm via body heat.

Per news.com.au, Perisher Ski Resort launched “PEAK Snow Days” to help tourists navigate the busiest days of the season, including this weekend.

“We’re classifying this weekend as PEAK Snow Days, with school holiday visitation and weather conditions looking very good for snowfall. With the snowfall, we’re also expecting windy conditions which may interrupt some lifts that we can safely operate,” Perisher’s vice president and general manager, Nathan Butterworth, said per the publication.

On Perisher’s official website, it recommends utilising the Skitube and the Snowy Mountain Bus Service to avoid traffic. And of course, there’s on-mountain accommodation.

Look, I’m all in for a snow day. I’m guilty of travelling to the mountains to experience a bit of adventure by tobogganing, but to wait that long?

Oooft, hard pass.