Here’s What You Should Know Before A Ski Trip, According To A Seasoned Pro

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Flip Insurance* to help you stay safe on the slopes this year.

Winter is here and if you’re not jetting off to Euro summer like the rest of Instagram, then why not plan a trip to the snow? We deserve to have fun too, okay?! 

Unlike a beach holiday, a trip to one of Australia’s snow destinations can take a little bit more planning. But, TBH it’s worth it for the clear slopes, fresh air and opportunities to drink hot chocolate after a long day carving it up. 

If, like many Aussies, you’ve never actually been to the snow before, we asked the more seasoned folks to share what you need to know before booking a ski trip.

Get insured… just do it. 

You may assume there’s no need for insurance while skiing because we’re still in Australia. Incorrect. Skiing and snowboarding are super fun but they also come with a higher risk of injuries. With around 1,500 people hospitalised each year in Australia due to skiing, ice skating and snowboarding, it’s pretty important to get your admin sorted before strapping on your boots. 

If you don’t know where to start, Flip Insurance is pay-as-you-go insurance for that bit of extra protection. There are no lock-in contracts either so you’re free to choose when you’re covered i.e. for the five days you’re away. 

Sign up on your phone in the time it takes you to ride the lift to the top of the slope for just $7 a day. Not bad.

Don’t be afraid to be a beginner 

As adults, we may think that we’re masters of everything but when it comes to skiing and snowboarding it’s a whole new set of skills (and muscles) that we’re not used to.

Bree Grant, a seasoned snow bunny, shares her advice for beginners, “If you’ve never snowboarded, start with skiing to get yourself confident on the slopes. Otherwise you’ll spend the whole trip on your butt.” 

Bree also recommends starting your trip off with a lesson. 

“You might feel like a small child for a minute but it’s worth it to learn how to get on and off different lift types (T-Bars are a bitch), and to know how to get yourself down the mountain safely.”

Safety is cool, kids.

Dress accordingly 

I know you’re already looking up ‘Skiing aesthetic’ on Pinterest but there has to be some practicality in the clothes you wear. Especially considering it’s literally blood freezing. 

Bree recommends wearing thick socks. Snow boots, whether for ski or snowboarding, can take a little while to get used to and thick socks will keep your feet warm while giving you some extra padding. 

Next, like an ogre, make sure you have layers. While you’ll be using a lot of energy up on the mountain to get around, once you stop moving, that frosty air may creep in and make you chilly. This hot and cold schtick is a one-way ticket to sick town, okay? While we’re here, tuck your shirt into your pants. There’s a 99% chance you’ll stack it at some point and getting snow up your back is the worst.

Wear layers and make sure you have some dry clothes in a locker or bag ready for the way home. Bree recommends hiring a locker so all of your stuff can be safely put in one place. 

Wear comfy gloves that actually let you move your fingers. 

“You’ll be strapping in and out boots or skis a lot and having gloves you can move your fingers in helps,” says Bree. 

Finally, choose good goggles because the glare off the snow is real and don’t forget your helmet. 

Hot lil’ tips 

Seasoned snow-goer, Bree says that the best snow of the day is usually first thing in the morning, so get up the mountain early if you want to have the freshest snow. Also, always pack little snacks in your ski pants. You’ll be burning a lot of energy on the slopes so you may get hungry. 

Have fun, fellow snow bunnies! 

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