An American TikToker Is Getting Dragged by Aussies For His Rant About A Beloved Bevvie Tradition

Pour one out for this American who attempted to share an observation about Australian culture, but instead is getting dragged for his unnecessary two cents. Unluggy, boss.

I’m not sure what this genre of content is called on TikTok, however, it seems to go viral super quickly. I’m talking about tourists who share their Aussie culture shock moments and things they find different or weird Down Under.

One TikToker, who is reportedly named Brian as per Daily Mail Australia, has opened up about a normal Aussie party request that he finds odd, which BYOB. Bring Your Own Beer or Alcohol. Unfortunately, the response has forced him to privatise his account.

(Image source: TikTok / @2sojourners)

“We just went to a party and everyone brings drinks to the party,” he began.

“In America, when you bring drinks to a party, you’re just contributing to a host’s pool of drinks. But in Australia, you literally bring your own drinks and then you drink your own drink and I didn’t realise that.”

He went on to detail a super awkward encounter he had at the party where a woman opened a bottle of champers. He then grabbed a cup, thinking it was a shared drink, but unfortunately, the gal wasn’t giving him an inch.

“When she thought I was going to drink it, she picked up the bottle and took it with her to the other room,” the TikToker continued.

“Like she was in the third grade. Australia.”

Soon after he shared his Aussie culture shock moment, Brian received a mixed bag of comments. Some folks dished out knowledge about the drinking culture in Australia and others were just being brutal.

“So you bought cheap alcohol but wanted to drink her champagne!” one person wrote.

“It’s called BYOmy dude. If someone offers, then you can accept. But don’t ask unless you’re offering to swap,” a second user commented.

“Have you seen prices of alcohol in Australia?! I can’t afford to give my drinks away,” wrote a third.

After getting completely dragged by a bunch of Aussies in the comment section, Brian made a follow-up video replying to one of the more nastier comments.

(Image source: TikTok / @2sojourners)

“OK. Can I just say something about all these comments I’m getting? All this hate mail I’m getting from Australians who say ‘you should’ve known,’” he began.

“From my logic, if you’re going to host a party, why wouldn’t you be an accommodating host and actually have drinks?

“If I have to bring my own drinks, I would rather go to a bar and drink.”

The American then went on to claim that “Aussies are very communal, except when it comes to alcohol”.

“If I’m gonna have to drink my own drinks with my friends and pay for my own drinks, then let’s just go to a bar and skip the cheap part because, honestly, it’s so childish.”

Brian ended the video calling out people who labelled him as uncultured, claiming that he’d travelled to more than 80 countries.

Unfortunately for this bloke, there’s just no winning with this comment section. It’s as if he’s king-hit a bee hive, causing a shit ton of bugs to sting him with their barbs. You know it’s bad when there are more comments than likes.

“Listen, you may have been everywhere, but you learnt nothing. We Aussies expect to be with friends, at home, relaxing and we’re not freeloaders,” one TIkToker argued.

“You seem defensive. Cultural norms are different, accept it. You are definitely not coming across as someone who has travelled,” a second person wrote.

“Dude, you have missed the point completely. That’s our custom here. Show some respect,” wrote a third.

Honestly, I’ve always been to parties that are BYOB. It was never stated on any invite, but we just BYOB’d out of respect for the host and living here, we know how fucking expensive grog is.

I hate to sound like a hater, but I think Brian is sounding a bit entitled, especially with the story involving the woman and her champers. You just don’t just grab a cup — you ask with manners, and if they say no, then be respectful about it and get a drink elsewhere.