A British TikToker Has Gone Viral For Listing All The ‘Feral Things’ Aussies Do At The Shops

A British TikToker has pointed out all the “feral things” Aussies do at the shops, and honestly, I think only three out of six of those things could be considered “feral”. The rest? A reach.

I am a SUCKER for a good grocery run. I love looking at deals, stocking up on chippies and seeing all the new items that are up for offer. It’s honestly my favourite hobby.

But, it has come to my attention that apparently, Aussies do a bunch of things that are different to other countries when we shop for our weekly necessities.

British content creator Jordan Grace (@thejordanagrace) recently went viral after she posted a TikTok roasting Aussies for all “feral things” that we do at the groceries.

And you know what? There are definitely one or two things on here that I would consider feral, but I wouldn’t say the same for everything else. But we love a little cheeky banter!

So without further ado, let’s go through the list of “feral things” Aussies apparently do at the shops.

Grace kicked off the list with, “Going shopping barefoot”, and YES. I 100 per cent agree. The thought of your bare skin touching cold, vinyl floors? And then transferring that bacteria into your house? Yep. That’s feral.

Even though the content creator labelled it as “gross” and “feral”, she admitted to shopping with the dogs out before.

Next up was sampling goods before purchasing them.

“Now, I don’t think it’s okay to eat grapes before buying because it’s based on weight, and the cost is like thievery. I know many Aussies who do it,” Grace said.

Definitely disagree with this one. It is not feral at all. I’ve done this multiple times because who wants to spend money on shitty grapes? Money is very hard to come by nowadays, so best believe I’m getting the best quality I can get my mittens on.

Moving on, Grace claimed that wearing PJs is “so feral and uncivilized”. Another opinion I disagree with. I always feel like the best shopping trips are done at 10pm in your Oodie and Uggs. Grace also admitted to doing this occasionally.

It’s not feral at all. Just embrace the freeing feeling that shopping in PJs gives ya! But ploise, keep the shoes on.

The next cheeky, feral thing we apparently do is “reaching into the back to get the item with the best expiry date.” Again, not feral at all! I also thought people did this so they could get a product that hasn’t been touched by a bunch of people.

This is also another feral thing that Grace is guilty of doing.

“I’ve done it. I’ll do it again. Do you know how much food costs? Yeah, I want it to last for a long time,” she said.

Next up is people snogging at the shop.

Grace put it in perfect words, saying: “Don’t be kissing and canoodling in the cereal aisle. I’m just trying to get past you to get my Weet-Bix. Don’t make my day harder!”

Another feral thing that Grace points out is when Aussies put stuff back on the wrong shelves. And I am definitely guilty of doing this.

However, I can confirm that I’ve never done the monstrous thing of putting meat items in unrefrigerated areas. That’s just gross.

Many Aussies have responded to the video admitting to taking part in these actions.

“The barefoot shopping- sometimes it’s an emergency and I can’t find me thongs!” one person wrote.

“After buying sour grapes I will always sample one before I buy them. Just one,” a second person admitted.

“I only reach to the back for the coldest items,” a third wrote.

Now that I think about it, I think I’ve probably done all six of these things at one point in my life.

It’s a feral world out there, folks!