This Syd Bride Went Viral For Hulk Smashing Her Wedding Cake & Honestly The Photos Are Cute AF

A Sydney bride has gone viral after she posted the hilarious yet adorable moment she accidentally yeeted her own wedding cake.

Just like most brides in today’s digital age, Briana Dutton (@brianadutton) shared a bunch of TikTok vids in the lead-up to her nuptials, including moments from her bachelorette party and a quick video analysing her engagement ring and wedding band.

The 28-year-old also uploaded the cooked moment she accidentally dropped her $350 buttercream wedding cake in a series of photos.

(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)
(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)
(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)

I just adore the second photo where you can see the panic on the bride’s face. It’s pure comedy!

Me every time I do anything IRL. (Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)

Although it seems like cakes play a huge part in weddings, the newlyweds found the situation to be totally hilarious. And not gonna lie, the aftermath photos make for the perfect candid wedding pics!

Look at the two, just being a lil’ cheeky and giggly. It’s honestly infectious!

According to the New York Post, the cake toppled over after the bride attempted to slice the treat.

“Everyone would say I’m clumsy,” Dutton admitted.

“I put the knife in to cut the second piece and as I put the knife down, the cake slipped.

“Everyone came running up to scrape cake off the floor, but everyone was laughing.”

Even though the buttercream delight was basically Hulk smashed to the ground, wedding guests were still able to try a piece. OFC minus the bits that touched the floor.

But as a buttercream baddie, I would still dive in for a piece of floor cake. Five-second rule, amirite?

One commentor on Dutton’s video wrote: “This is so cute despite the disaster.”

Another person wrote, “No greener flag than brides and grooms not throwing a fit when something goes wrong at the wedding”, which is so fkn true.

Other folks spilled on how these photos were so iconic.

(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)
(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)
(Source: TikTok / @brianadutton)

And like many of those comments, the bride admitted to the New York Post that the photos of the hilarious fail were her favourite from the wedding.

“They are so real. I just adore them,” Dutton said.