Pour One Out For This Bride Who Was Presented With The Ugliest Wedding Cake Ever To Exist

Reddit bride shares horrific wedding cake

Far from the serene, beautiful vibes we associate them with, weddings are stressful as fuck. There is so much planning that needs to be done and anything can go wrong at any moment. Enter this bride, who had to find a new wedding cake last minute after she discovered her baker wasn’t actually a baker.

Reddit user u/poemsandpupandpasta shared a picture of the monstrosity which claims to be her wedding cake on r/weddingshaming.

“My mum pressured me to get my cake made by her friend, who is apparently a professional baker,” she wrote.

“They just sent me this photo of the trial. Suffice to say it’s not what I ordered.”

What picture did they send, you ask? This thing:

bride receives cursed wedding cake
That is NOT a wedding cake. That is a hat covered in shaving cream. Image: u/poemsandpupandpasta

I honestly don’t know if I am supposed to laugh or cry. If this turned up at my wedding… the world has never seen the kind of rage I would display.

The comments of the post were as incredulous as you’d expect.

“This appears to be boxed cake with some warm cool whip thinly slathered on,” one user wrote.

“I created a similar masterpiece for Mother’s Day 1996 when I was nine.”

Others asked OP what their mum thought of the cake, but turns out she “thinks this is fine, she just says we’ll chuck some flowers on it and it’ll look great.”

Um, what?!

“So in answer to everyone’s questions, no, this isn’t a joke, and no she doesn’t seem to realise how horrible it looks,” she wrote in an update.

“Mum’s friend isn’t a professional baker, as it turns out — she does hobby cakes for her grandkids. They got box cake mix and premade icing.”

The way my blood is boiling and this isn’t even my wedding.

“I should have known something was up because mum tried to pressure me into going with a caramel mud cake — my least favourite cake of all time, but the cake my mum actually knows how to make,” the bride continued.

“So I suspect at some stage she worked out that her friend doesn’t actually know what she’s doing but she’s doubling down now.”

OP said she was “freaking out” and frantically calling local bakeries as her wedding was that weekend.

“I haven’t replied to my mum who sent me the photo because I can’t think of anything to say other than ‘wtf’,” she wrote.

“I’ve got my siblings at home running interference for me and they say that mum tried to help assemble the layers and was complaining that I’d better appreciate this.”

Appreciate… this?

I’d be Googling how to emancipate myself from my parents at that stage.

“I’ve had dress disasters, venue changes, and it looks like it’ll be raining on my day, but this new drama takes the cake, as it were.”

It sure does, hey.