The Only TikTok Account Worth Following Is This King’s Journey To Abstain From Fizzy Drinks

Once in a while, I’ll come across a social media profile this is so pure – so incredibly wholesome – that I sit back and think, ‘we are undeserved of this excellence’. Britney Spears‘ Instagram is one of them – an innocent prized jewel amid a sea of Photoshop and tomfoolery. @dumpedwifesrevenge is another. But they are few and far between.

Such is the visceral reaction I had when stumbling upon the profile of @rohitroygre, and his subsequent journey to combat a fizzy drink addiction.

Earlier this year, the TikTok user posted a video explaining that he had an affinity to fizzy drink. So much so, he was struggling to quit it. “Doctors have told me to stop immediately,” he elaborated, “but I haven’t been able to do so yet. So I’ve decided to use some help from TikTok.”

In a bid to abstain from fizzy drink, he decided to start posting a video every night, disclosing whether he’d stayed away from the bad juice that day. This way, his users could hold him accountable and encourage him to ditch the bad habit.

@rohitroygreDay 1: No Fizzy Drinks ????♬ original sound – rohitroygre

Thus ensued the incredibly wholesome journey of Rohit quitting fizzy drinks, complete with daily pieces to camera documenting his progress.

@rohitroygreDay 2: No Fizzy Drinks ????♬ original sound – rohitroygre

@rohitroygreDay 3: No Fizzy Drinks ????♬ original sound – rohitroygre

Rohit quickly amassed thousands of loyal followers – myself included – all encouraging him to keep on keepin’ on.

“CEO of NO FIZZY DRINKS,” one user commented.

“You’re killing it brother! Keep it up,” said another.

And the support has been working! During his day 7 piece to camera – a Sunday – Rohit proudly stated that he’d bypassed the one fizzy drink he’d initially reserved for that day and bought a water at Nando’s instead.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” FUCK YEAH.

@rohitroygreDay 7: No Fizzy Drinks ????♬ original sound – rohitroygre

There are several reasons why this profile is so addictive.

1. We love a journey.

2. His quest to give up fizzy drinks is inspiring to us all, as everyone has that vice they’re looking to ditch.

3. @rohitroygre is an absolute treasure.

(Chuck him a follow and show your support!)