TikTok’s CEO of No Fizzy Drink Rohit Roy has just given an interview on The Project, and it was everything we could’ve hoped for and more.

First up, he was asked about life before the fame – and most importantly, before he kicked that dastardly fizzy drink addiction. Roy told The Project he used to down a minimum of two to three cans every day for 35 years.

“I did replace it with something else very healthy,” he said.

“Water – that’s the healthiest drink ever.”

It’s rare to see royalty give such a humble and down-to-Earth interview, yet Roy handled the questions thrown at him with his signature charm.

“I can see the benefits in my body, as well,” he added.

Thankfully, the hosts made it known that we – Roy’s devoted fans – can see those benefits too.

You’d think it’d be hard to notice incremental changes from watching his TikToks every single day, yet somehow he is clearly the glow-up of the year.

When asked about suddenly becoming perhaps the most famous TikToker in Australia, Roy made it clear that he’s not a diva at all.

“I’m still the same person as before,” he said.

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He very humbly glossed over not only his weigh loss, but also nabbing a brand deal due to his inspiring journey.

Nevertheless, he said he owed everything to his devoted fans, who’ve been cheering him on since day one.

“I’m so lucky and so honoured,” he said.

“In terms of fame, I can’t thank all of the people enough, because they are simply changing my life.

“It’s not a small thing they’re doing, they are doing a massive thing in changing my life.”

Image: Network Ten