Rohit Roy, the decorated TikTok CEO of No Fizzy Drink, has continued on his pursuit of wholesome wellness and has begun his next quest – his own weightloss journey. And because only good things come to blessed and pure people like our fave boy Rohit, he’s been picked up by WW (a.k.a. Weight Watchers) to be their new ambassador.

King, yes.

Rohit brought the good news to his followers on TikTok overnight – first confirming no fizzy drinks for him today (Day 121) – and then announcing that he’s going to be working with the Weight Watchers team on his new personal goal.

He’s been on his new fitness quest for 21 days now, which has him wanting to lose 20kg and maintain his healthy habits beyond no fizzy drinks, and says that through being accountable on TikTok, as well as the support from the Weight Watchers teams and app, he knows he’ll hit his goal.


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“My wellness journey started with no fizzy drink for me for 100 days,” Rohit said.

“One of the key reasons I think I was successful in reaching that goal, was due to tracking my progress by posting it on social media, which kept me accountable and gave me the encouragement of my community. It has empowered me to take the next step with my health.”

King. YES.

So Rohit’s next goal as CEO of No Fizzy Drink and now the prospective CEO of Getting Fit is about using Weight Watchers to make small, achievable goals in order to reach his big goal in this new journey.

He’s already been working out six times a week on his cross-trainer at home in Melbourne (we stan a motivated king), and wants to try and shift 5kg in 50 days.

He’s also been meditating daily and has come to realise the importance of holistic physical and mental health and nutrition during the city’s extensive lockdowns.

“My long term goal is to lose 20kgs, but I’m planning to do this by setting small, achievable goals along the way,” he said.

“Having spent the last few months in lockdown in Melbourne, I’ve really come to appreciate the importance of exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset for me to be healthy and happy.

“I will start by aiming to lose 5kgs in 50 days and this realistic approach will help me create new long-lasting healthy habits that I will be able to maintain for life.”

Go well, our beloved king. We cannot wait to see how this journey unfolds.

Image: TikTok / @rohitroygre