TikTok’s Rohit Roy Celebrates 1000 Days Without Fizzy Drink And I Am Sobbing I’m So Proud

Rohit Roy No fizzy Drink

People may have doubted TikTok’s beloved CEO Of No Fizzy Drinks, Rohit Roy, at the beginning of his abstinence journey. But now, he’s gone and done the damn thing and is celebrating a whopping 1000 days of saying no to fizzy drink. 

That’s over two and a half years without even a mere sip of a prickly beverage!!!

Please join me and the rest of the country in giving Rohit an absolutely well deserved round of applause, the man deserves his flowers. 

To celebrate the milestone occasion, Rohit took to TikTok, drank a glass of water and cut a sponge cake that read ‘1000 days! Thank you’.

“I’m not having the cake but this is for you guys because you guys have been supporting me so big thank you,” said the absolute fitspo king to his 387.9k TikTok followers.

“This dream wouldn’t be possible without you guys.”

@rohitroygreDay 1000: No Fizzy Drinks Journey 🙏♬ original sound – Rohit Roy

It’s been a long journey for Rohit, whose dream began in 2020 when he decided to quit fizzy drinks for good.

While he’d tried before to forgo the bubbly nectar of the gods before, he’d failed. To keep himself accountable, he took to TikTok to document his journey and it wasn’t long until he amassed thousands of fans cheering him along.

At first, the goal of reaching 100 days without the devil’s liquid seemed out of reach, but like a true icon, he persevered.

When he reached his goal in September 2020, which already was incredibly impressive, Rohit decided to expand his horizons and make other sustainable healthy habits to his lifestyle including working out and meditating.

Not long after, he stepped into fitness influencer territory by becoming a WW (a.k.a Weight Watchers) ambassador. 

Rohit says that the experience has transformed his health and changed his life for the better.

As a long-standing Rohit fan, I’ve got the warm fuzzies.

It just makes me think that if Rohit can kick his habit of sippin’ on three cans of fizzy goodness a day, then maybe I can stop getting myself “a little treat” every time I leave the house.

Fizzy for thought.