In what is wonderful news for a Tuesday morning, all is right with the world as TikTok’s undisputed fizzy drink king, Rohit Roy, has once again been granted access to his account. And guess what guys? No fizzy drinks for him today.

After weeks of strange car videos that clearly were not from the man himself, Rohit’s TikTok account has finally delivered the content we’ve all been craving: the CEO of no fizzy drink himself. He posted a message apologising for any inconvenience during the hack, even though it wasn’t his fault, because that’s the kind of sweet, selfless person that he is.

@rohitroygreDay 236: Weight Loss Journey (with No Fizzy Drinks) ???? #nofizzydrinks #wwambassador #wwambassadoraunz #rohitroy #rohitswwjourney #fyp #foryourpage♬ original sound – Rohit Roy

In even more exciting news, Rohit confirmed his no fizzy drinks journey is still continuing, with “no fizzy drinks today” and telling us he’s down to 84.1kg. His fans were thrilled to see Rohit return, flooding the comments with messages of support.

Rohit Roy

As PEDESTRIAN.TV previously reported, when the Melburnian fizzy drink teetotaler was at work on April 16, he realised he had been logged out of his account and couldn’t get back in.

“So I was like, ‘OK, maybe it’s a login issue or something,” Rohit told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“So then then I tried to reset my password and I didn’t get the security code.

“But then later in the evening when that code still didn’t come, then I started getting a bit worried.”

That’s when he realised he may well have been the victim of a heinous international cybercrime attack.

An artist’s impression of the crime.

The obvious theory – and one which Rohit himself is mulling over – is that someone hacked into his TikTok account because of how big it’s gotten, perhaps in an attempt to sell it later or just hold it ransom.

Our Sweet Fizzy Drink Prince even had his profile pic replaced with a pap shot a of another prince who is also a social media influencer: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

Those of us who’ve been following the king since day 1 had a bloody gutful of this new imposter who, for all we know, could even be guzzling the devil’s nectar by the bottle off-camera.

The hacked account’s videos were filled with comments saying things like “We want Rohit” and “Justice for Rohit”.

If seeking justice for Rohit involves spamming some classic car enthusiast in Dubai with notifications, then so be it.

Rohit wants his fans to know how immensely grateful he is for their support.

“Most of them probably don’t realise that my account got hacked. So they will be simply thinking, ‘Where is Rohit, why is he not posting videos?’ or something like that,” he said.

“I’m still here, I haven’t just disappeared without telling anyone anything. I have been posting videos for around 300+ days without missing even a single day.”

His message for the suspected hacker is more blunt: “Just give back my account because I have worked really hard to get support and I got rid of my addiction [to sugar].”

Well, justice was served. Today is a good day.