The man, the myth, the legend – Rohit Roy – has gone and done it. TikTok’s very own CEO of No Fizzy Drink has finally surpassed a whole year without the devil’s nectar. That’s 365 days without succumbing to the temptress that is sugary, carbonated beverages.

It’s a huge feat, and one we should all be humbled to have been a part of since day dot. To mark this momentous occasion, Rohit brought us all back to where the journey began.

His couch is perhaps now the second-most iconic couch in internet history.

“This is the same place, same sofa, where I made my Day 1 video,” he said

“At that time I was addicted and lazy, but today I’m out of my addiction and active.”

@rohitroygreDay 265: Weight Loss Journey (with No Fizzy Drinks) ???? ???????? ????#nofizzydrinks #wwambassador #wwambassadoraunz #rohitroy #rohitswwjourney #party♬ original sound – Rohit Roy

After hitting 100 days of no fizzy drink last year, Rohit changed tac from a no fizzy drink journey to an all-out weight loss journey, and even became a WW Ambassador. That’s why he technically marked 256 days of his new journey in the TikTok description.

But the no fizzy drink lifestyle hasn’t been without tribulation, either.

In April of this year Rohit’s account was hacked by someone who deleted all of his videos and replaced his profile picture with the crown prince of Dubai.

But even this couldn’t stop the fizzy drink teetotaler, who kept on sharing daily updates on Instagram until he finally got his TikTok account back.

“Please continue with providing me with love and support, and thank you very much once again,” Rohit said in his 365th TikTok.

“And no fizzy drink for me today.”

True to form, Rohit celebrated this enormous milestone by downing a refreshing glass of water.

This is the literal definition of a glow-up. The man looks bloody radiant, and it’s all thanks to saying “no” to fizzy drinks.

Image: Getty Images / Dmytro Aksonov | TikTok / @rohitroygre