TikTok’s CEO Of No Fizzy Drinks Passes 50-Day Mark & I Will Continue Honouring Each Milestone

Rohit Roygre, the lovingly appointed ‘CEO of No Fizzy Drinks’ on TikTok, has gone 50 days without the devil’s water, subsequently celebrating the incredible feat with his loyal army of followers.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, a wonderful human named Rohit posted a TikTok regarding an obsession with fizzy drink back in June. Following this, he declared a plan to post daily videos in a bid to abstain from the stuff. (Our initial yarn on the cyber king is here.)

“Hello everyone, no fizzy drink for me today,” Rohit posted this week. “Today I have completed 50 days of having no fizzy drinks, which is a halfway mark of my next aim of 100 days.”

“This is a big achievement for me.”

To celebrate the milestone, he shared a stellar photo from his wedding day, 6 years ago.

“I used to look that,” he added, “but I’m trying to get more healthier and fitter now with the help of you all.”

Our man has come such a long way.

@rohitroygreDay 50: No Fizzy Drinks ????‍❤️‍????♬ original sound – rohitroygre

I just can’t get over how damn healthy he looks. He’s simply glowing.

TikTok users have flocked to the comments section to express similar sentiments.

“Rohit 50 – 0 Fizzy Drinks,” one person commented.

“Rohit really said F them fizzy drinks,” said another.

Here’s to 100 days, king!

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