Why Does This Kangaroo, Guarding Someone’s Front Door, Look Like It’s Going To Ask For ID?

A TikTok user has captured the moment a kangaroo diligently guarded the front door of a Jervis Bay home like it was the sole bouncer at Revolver nightclub on a packed Sunday morning.

“Literally reversed back to see this,” @caragh19 said, accompanied by the footage of a mighty ‘roo standing poised (essentially frozen) atop the home’s driveway.

The roo-in-question is unequivocally taking his role of door guarder very seriously, and it wasn’t long before TikTok users began praising the blessed beast as the nation’s most dedicated bouncer.

I agree with these TikTok users – this kangaroo would absolutely ask me how many drinks I’d had as I stumbled to the front of the line, to which I’d respond ‘I’ve oNlly hadsdd two drinks.!! aNd some water>>!” The kangaroo would then squint at my ID for an awkward amount of seconds – secretly judging how fugly my haircut was at 18 – before rolling its eyes and ushering me through, knowing all-two-well that I’d be blackout in about 36 minutes.

“I wonder how much they pay,”one user commented. I, too, am now wondering how much coin they’d spent on such a thorough service.

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I’m sure this will only substantiate the belief held by non-Australians that kids ride kangaroos to school. And I’m not mad about it.