Police have rescued a kangaroo after it almost drowned at Mornington Peninsula‘s Safety Beach on Saturday afternoon.

Victoria Police say officers from Rosebud Police Station responded to numerous calls about seeing a roo in the water at around 5:00pm yesterday arvo.

By the time police arrived at the Melbourne beach, the kangaroo was safely back on dry land and wrapped up in a blanket by a member of the community. Although, as police kept an eye on the animal, it suddenly decided to hop back into the water.

Footage of the incident shows the kangaroo struggling to swim against the crashing waves and his head can be seen going under a few times. Quickly, the two officers – a Sergeant and Senior Sergeant – dived into the sea to rescue the poor roo who was unconscious when they pulled him to safety. Back on land, the officers started to resuscitate the kangaroo and thankfully, the roo’s airways were cleared of all saltwater inhaled.

You can watch footage captured from the incident, below.

Police report the kangaroo was taken to Rosebud Police Station where it was assessed by a local Wildlife Centre. Replying to concerned folks on Twitter, Vic Police shared that the roo is being cared for and “is said to be in good spirits”. 

Source: Victoria Police
Image: Victoria Police