Peep This Adorable Video Of A Kangaroo Named Harry Boarding A Flight In The US

kangaroo flight

Stop what you’re doing and watch this adorable video of a baby kangaroo jet-setting across the world.

Everybody, meet Harry the joey (baby kangaroo), who was filmed flying across the US like a regular human passenger. Look, he thinks he’s people.

If you’re wondering how the heck a kangaroo made it through airport security, don’t worry. Harry was being transported from Charlotte, North Carolina to Newport, Virginia as part of a wildlife conservation

Yes, this is a routine kangaroo flight, not just a rogue roo who wanted to yeet off to Vegas to hit the pokies. But regardless, it’s still very cute.

“WHYY aren’t I ever on the animal transport flights?” The American Airlines Stewards Instagram account captioned the video.

“WHY… because I’m pretty sure I’d be too distracted to get any work done.”

Harry had a whole entourage along for the ride, including his handler and a flight attendant named Bobby Weston, who filmed the whole ordeal and helped Harry find his way to viral fame.

“@ohheyitsbobbyb had this little angel on a flight from CLT to PHF as part of a wildlife conservation effort. Only in my dreams…”

It’s unclear why Harry travelled like a normal passenger, and not in the cargo hold of the plane. But he stopped to take in the sights as he hopped down the cabin.

I guess the only question left to ask is where in Virginia is Harry and how do I hop (mind the pun) on a plane to meet him?