Legend Goes Viral For Teaching Americans How Aussies Have ‘Kangaroo Licences’

An Aussie TikToker by the name of Croc Turnbull has gone viral online for his hilarious — and completely true — educational content in which he teaches Americans about the Down Under lifestyle, including How-To guides on kangaroo riding.

Famous for his catchphrase, “Ask any Aussie, they’ll tell ya”, Turnbull’s content has gone viral and received millions of hits online, which leaves viewers asking the question: is this real, or satire?

The answer to that question completely depends on whether you are an American or not. Because if there’s anything that unites Aussies, it’s our instinctive desire to lie to Americans.

In one video that skyrocketed to the top of the r/Australia subreddit, the alternative-universe Steve Irwin responded to a comment he received from someone claiming to be travelling to Australia.

“I’m thinking of coming to Australia with my girlfriend. When I look online it says there is a big red kangaroo. Can you ride them? If so, can you rent them?” asked the unsuspecting American.

And like a fisherman waiting for their bait to be snagged, Croc Turnbull reeled them in with expertise.

“Yeah mate, we do have big red kangaroos, they’re the largest of the macropod species. They’re found out in Central Australia, and yes, you can ride them,” Turnbull answered.

“The thing is though mate, you’ve gotta be an experienced rider to ride a big red.”

@croc.turnbull Can you ride kangarois in Australia? #rooriding #australia #foryou #askanyaussie #kangarooride ♬ original sound – Croc Turnbull

With all the authority pre-established by the fact that he’s wearing a khaki outfit and Akubra, there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t take Croc Turnbull at his word. No matter how ridiculous what he says is.

“You do have to have your ‘Open Roo Licence’. We have three ‘Roo Licences’ in Australia. You’ve got your learners, which you normally get around when you’re a kid,” he informed.

“Then you go on your Provisionals, which means you can only ride certain sized kangaroos.”

Croc Turnbull then goes on to explain the ins and outs of Australia’s — very real and not a lie — Roo Licence system, including which species are delegated to which type of licence, and the best form for riding different types.

If the three-minute explainer on Australia’s rich culture of roo-riding isn’t enough to fool any gullible viewers, Croc Turnbull even goes so far to show a “Roo Carpark” in another video.

@croc.turnbull Do we ride kangaroo’s in Australia? #australia🇦🇺 #kangarooride #croctails #askanyaussie #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Croc Turnbull

There’s just something that is so much fun about lying about what happens in Australia. Maybe it’s because unsuspecting Americans are willing to take us at our word, or maybe it’s because nobody knows enough to correct us.

And everywhere it happens, whether it’s lying about drop bears, hoop snakes, or riding kangaroos, every good Aussie can’t help but join in.

“Of course you can. Me and my younger brothers used to ride them to school. It was only down the road a bit so we didn’t worry about any licences. My youngest brother fit very easily in the pouch,” wrote one Reddit user.

“If you’ve got your licence, sure. Seen some horrific accidents from inexperienced people going off too fast on a red though mate. And be careful on a grey when trying to jump the dog fence,” commented another.

“My mate lost an arm that way.”

Ahh, I love it. It’s delicious. Keep the lies coming, folks. Croc Turnbull, you have my vote for Australian of the Year. Well done, you bloody legend.