The World Is Doubting If Australia Is Real Again After *That* Viral Vid Of A Roo Fighting A Bloke

The world has absolutely lost it over an everyday Aussie bloke having a punch on with one of our native animals — the kangaroo.

News outlets from across the globe such as Fox, TMZ, and The Sun picked up the story TBH fair enough. It proves all the stereotypes right. We do, apparently just ‘chon with the natives all day.

For context, Cliff Des from Heathcote in Central Victoria and was required to put his guard up when a local bouncy boy wanted to let off some steam as per

Cliff referred to his boxing opponent as “a six foot buck roo in a bad mood” and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

“It just put its claws up, stood on its back feet and started chasing me,” he told Today last week when the fight occurred.

“I started running into my yard and next thing you know I’ve slipped over and it’s jumped on my back.” Crikey!

The fight ended up going for SIX whole minutes which has gotta be the longest kangaroo fight I’ve seen in my lifetime. And I’ve seen a couple, let me tell you!

Incredibly, Cliff has no beef toward the Kangaroo, telling Sunrise “they’re a beautiful creature, they’re an Australian icon … what I can take from the whole scenario is just don’t go near them.”

The only way this could’ve been more Aussie is if the man had befriended the kangaroo, shaken its hand, had a beer with it and then rode it to work the next day.

There’s been a wide variety of responses online.

Some folks simply do not believe Australia is a real place on account of our furry, fighting animals.

Others want to come here with the specific purpose of fighting one of our national symbols. Is this a new form of fucked up tourism we’ve discovered?

After the world’s reaction to this inter-species fight, I think it’s only a matter of time before either Jake or Logan Paul challenges this Kangaroo to a duel.