Travel Blogger Who Fell Off Cliff In Hectic Viral Vid Finally Reveals Injuries

Travel influencers.
They get paid to trot across the globe, take selfies and be hot.
It’s only natural to feel a little envious of the lives these millennials lead. But not all of their trips go to plan.
Last year, a harrowing video of a woman falling off a Spanish cliff while filming a #travelinspo vid went viral.
The video featured a redhead woman getting ready to jump off a big cliff on the island of Mallorca.
Seconds before jumping, she hesitates, and in a panic tries to grab onto the dude in frame’s foot. He pulls back, and she loses her footing, falling off the cliff:
You can watch the full clip here, it will give you bum tingles:
Up until now, the identify of the woman and the extent of her injuries had been unknown.
Her (now ex) husband, Alexander Tikhomirov, revealed her identity as Insta-famous model Mary Shum to UNILAD.
“I filmed this with my friend. The girl who is falling is my ex-wife,” Tikhomirov explained.
“Mary fell on a rock first — about three metres down — She didn’t break anything, unlike people said, but she did hurt her feet and back.”
“We went to the hospital later and she couldn’t walk for a few days. But finally everything was good,” he added.

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Tikhomirov, an avid filmmaker, explained that Shum holds no hard feelings towards the bloke who pulled his foot away, the Insta famous travel blogger, Jay Alvarrez.
“He removed (his leg) not because he is an asshole, but because everything happened in one second,” he explained.
Does Alvarrez sound familiar?
He used to be one half of Instagram’s most famous young travelling couple, as the boyfriend of Alexis Ren.

the best meal I’ve ever had

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As that story goes, they broke up because their relationship was no longer good for business, and Alexis said he had a small bepis.
See? Being a travel influencer ain’t that easy.
Photo: BahamuTheGuardian / YouTube.