A 22 Y.O. Woman Had To Be Rescued After Falling Off A Cliff In Victoria While Taking A Selfie

A woman has been airlifted to safety after falling 50 metres from a cliff while taking a selfie. The incident occurred at the popular holiday destination of Phillip Island on Victoria’s southern coast.

The 22-year-old woman toppled over the Cape Woolamai cliff face in a spot that was removed from the established walking trail.

“She’s in hospital now, they’re not fatal injuries but they’re still pretty serious,” said Dave Fyfe, the Bass Coast Acting Police Inspector to ABC News.

“I don’t mean to make light of what happened to her but I’m certainly hoping the lady makes a full recovery,” he continued.

“The fact is, physics doesn’t come with a selfie clause and gravity is a one-way trip.”

It must be a sign of the times but this isn’t even close to the first time selfies have landed people in a spot of bother.

Back in July, two women were reprimanded for taking selfies with wild dingos (which are NOT dogs) on Queensland’s K’gari.

The 29-year-old from New South Wales and the 25-year-old from Queensland received fines of $2,300 each from QLD’s Department of Environment and Science (DES).

Folks, PLEASE heed the warnings with a hot new summer incoming.

Swim between the flags, stick to the walking tracks, and plssss don’t take selfies in super dangerous places.

The engagement ain’t worth the heartache.

Finally, in slightly less serious selfie-taking news, let’s all reminisce about that time Kim Kardashian fans were convinced her place was haunted by multiple entities after a cursed AF selfie of the fame magnet appeared on our feeds.

Turns out being rich can’t buy you out of paranormal activity!